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ISSUE 62 Summer 2017


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Mindfulness training for the

prevention of incidents

The practice of mindfulness has gained

enormous popularity in recent years.

But it has not yet been exploited

effectively in the health and safety field

for the purpose of reducing incidents or


In 2016, 25 per cent of reports to

CIRAS were on themes such as fatigue,

distraction and pressurised working -

mindfulness potentially has a role to

play in mitigating the safety risks in all

these cases.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, a founding figure

in both the research and practice of

mindfulness, describes its essence as:

"The awareness that emerges through

paying attention on purpose, in the

present moment, and non-judgmentally

to the unfolding of experience moment

by moment."

Research pointing to its pivotal role

in enhancing concentration and

situational awareness in safety critical

environments is beginning to surface.

Mindfulness has the power

to transform training and

development for safety

critical roles.

Its effective

implementation could

reduce injuries and loss

of life. A few years ago,

the potential applications

of mindfulness were often ignored in

safety critical industries.

These days, mindfulness is far more

difficult to dismiss, but not just because

of the well-substantiated benefits it can

have on one's well-being.

"Mindfulness has the

potential to change safety

related behaviour on the

ground, whilst contributing

to everyone's well-being."

Research suggests safety critical staff could benefit

enormously from an innovative new approach

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