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ISSUE 61 Spring 2017


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Health and wellbeing at c2c

What does a 'well' person look like?

I think wellbeing is a combination

of psychological, physical and social

factors. Personally, I think a 'well' person

is a happy or content person.

What does a healthy organisation look


Companies in the UK are becoming

quite innovative in attracting talent and

keeping retention rates up. Whether

it's a £5k joining bonus, free (healthy)

meals and drinks, or in some places,

bringing your pets to work! It all helps

contribute to both recruitment and

making it a more pleasant place to

work. I expect modern workplaces will

provide environments that are more

informal and less populated due to

increasingly flexible working practices

and therefore have an improved range

of facilities. Organisations will focus

tailored support on employees as

individuals and not just as a workforce

to optimise their performance. There

should be increasing opportunities for

staff to engage in a variety of evolving

initiatives, to provide both personal

and professional empowerment,

development and progression. I think

this will create a more sustainable and

resilient workforce and culture which I

believe will be incredibly efficient and

profitable for most organisations.

What is c2c doing to promote health

and wellbeing in the workplace?

• We have employee panels and

survey groups to enable collaborative

working on health and wellbeing


• We have introduced

interdepartmental lunches and

monthly social events.

• We are undertaking HR road shows

to answer staff questions on subjects

such as training, HR issues, the

Employee Assistance Programme etc.

• There are always fundraising

events being held to support local

charities and these have brought

people together. e.g. charity football


• Last year we launched a new scheme

to formally recognise and reward our

staff for the amazing work they carry

out every day in our organisation.

• We hold a silver award for Investors

in People and are aiming for gold this

time round!

One of the key initiatives for me was

the introduction of Agile working. Agile

working is an adaptation of flexible

working. Rather than having flexibility

© c2c

Mark Manser, Health and Safety Manager at c2c tells us

how they are promoting health and wellbeing


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