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ISSUE 63 Autumn 2017

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Driven to distraction

CIRAS intelligence was recently used to

support the 'Driven to Distraction' report

by the London Assembly Transport

Committee, which aims to make

London's buses safer.

The report begins with a stark reminder

that: "Over the last two years, 25 people

have been killed by buses in London,

and a further 12,000 injured. Behind

these statistics lie personal stories

of suffering and damage to victims,

families and friends."

That makes for some grim reading, but

it's not all bad news. If we understand

some of the root causes for these

incidents, improvements in health and

safety can be implemented.

What are the distractions out on the road for bus drivers?

How is CIRAS making a difference?

CIRAS reporting trends for the TfL

bus operators highlight some of the

longstanding issues present on London's

bus network.

Is there a link between what the report

identifies as a fundamental contributor

to the current situation and what CIRAS

intelligence is telling us?

The answer is yes. The Transport

Committee report highlights the

financial incentives for bus operators

awarded contracts by

Transport for London (TfL):

"At present, much of the

operators' profits depend

on their ability to meet the

performance targets set by

TfL… The current system incentivises

operators to prioritise speed over safety."

Prioritising performance ahead of safety

is an issue frequently raised by CIRAS

reporters from the bus industry - in fact,

8% of our bus reports are specifically on

this theme.

The current system will naturally

contribute to a working environment

where other factors too have an impact

on safety. In the diagram (reproduced

overleaf) about possible distractions

provided by the Transport Committee,

many of these other factors are

highlighted. This correlates well with the

health and safety issues being reported

to CIRAS by drivers.

© David Dibert

"'Bus drivers were approached

and asked if they had a few

minutes to spare and whether

they knew anything about



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