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The Voice of Private Tenants in Camden Summer 2013 Issue 11

Is the private rented sector

fit for purpose ?

“Rent Reform: Making the Private

Rented Sector Fit for Purpose”

is a new report from the London

Assembly Housing and Regeneration

Committee, which calls for a tougher

approach from the Mayor towards

dealing with the problems private

renters face on a daily basis.

Len Duvall, Chair of the Committee said

in the report’s foreword: “For many,

the sector has become an inescapable

destination rather than a destination of


The report primarily focuses on

stabilising rents, landlord registration,

longer tenancies and higher penalties

for landlords that breach the regulations.

The Committee also proposes the

setting up of a “Decent Homes Fund”

designed specifically to allow landlords

to access low-cost loans to improve their

properties and asks the Government to

review the viability of tax incentives with

the same aim in mind.

Back in 2009 when responding to the

Mayor’s Housing Strategy, Camden

Federation of Private Tenants argued

strongly for a London-wide “know

your rights” campaign. We said: “For

very little money every bus stop in the

capital could have a poster on it with 5

top tips for private tenants along with

cross-section of people to be able to live their voices and to say to the Mayor and

details of where to go locally for help

in Camden and actively participate in the Government – enough is enough –

and advice”. So we are delighted to see

the central London economy would be a and it’s time for action to create a private

the Committee is now recommending

good thing”. rented sector we actually want to live in

this be done in the report, as a way of

rather than escape from.

empowering tenants to “…ask questions She went on to add: “We should look

and make good decisions about their at things like whether something as

housing”. extreme as a rent cap is the right thing Thanks to The

to do or whether we look at a living rent,

Councillor Sarah Hayward, the Leader

where you look at the rental market Hampstead Wells and

of Camden Council, has also called

in an area and try to encourage good

on the government “to think bravely Campden Trust for

practice compared to wages and the

and differently” about the private

rented sector. Speaking at a House of

wider economic conditions”. financially supporting

Commons Select Committee she said: So now is the time for tenants this newsletter

“Some intervention to enable a wider themselves to come together, to raise

The newsletter for all private tenants (including housing association tenants and non-council leaseholders).


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