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Frozen Suits

Part II

Andrew Kambites a low diamond releases the hold your jack

has on dummy’s ten. That is not to say that The nearer in rank an honour is to an

under no circumstances is it correct to honour sitting before it in dummy,

IN the first deal you are East. Your partner play a diamond. You might realise there is the greater the risk that the suit

leads a highly satisfactory six of spades to some risk in playing a diamond, but might be frozen.

dummy’s ten and your queen. What perhaps there is a greater risk in not

switch do you make at trick two? playing a diamond. The crucial question is

whether declarer might be able to use any If East leads from a queen while dummy

winners in dummy to discard diamonds has the jack, there is a high risk that you

Love All. Dealer South. in his hand. Certainly if there was an are giving away a trick, for example lay-

´ A J 10 8 ominous looking long suit in dummy it outs 2 and 3. The queen and jack are

™ 10 9 2 would be right to lead a diamond, what- adjacent honours.

t 10 5 4 ever the risk. However, dummy does not

® AK8 look very threatening here. Declarer may

´ KQ92 have ®Q-x doubleton and may be able to Layout 2


™ 87 use dummy’s ®A-K to discard a diamond ´J32

E t J632 loser, but in that case declarer might be left N

® 963 with a spade loser. If you cashed your dia- ´ 10 8 6 W E ´Q954


mond tricks, then declarer would discard

a spade instead. Declarer doesn’t seem to ´AK7

North South have much to spare for his 4™, and the

1™ spades are certainly lying badly for him. I

1´ 2™ would recommend a passive switch at

4™ trick two, maybe to the seven of hearts. Layout 3

Note that if you took the same example ´J32

You must realise that a diamond switch and replaced dummy’s ten of diamonds by N

isn’t safe. Suppose diamonds are as in the seven of diamonds there would be no ´K86 W E ´Q954


layout 1: danger that dummy’s diamond suit is a

frozen suit, and a diamond switch would ´ A 10 7

be correct and safe.

Layout 1

t 10 5 4 The imperfect art If East leads from an ace while dummy has


of risk assessment the jack, there is a lesser risk of opening up

tK98 W E tJ632 a frozen suit. The dangerous combination


Of course the examples seen so far have had is the diamonds in layout 4. There are two

tAQ7 fairly clearcut solutions. Life is not always missing honours between ace and jack.

that simple and often defenders are left not

with the perfect science of working out the

Left to play diamonds on his own declarer ‘correct’ defence, but instead with the Layout 4

will lose two tricks because West’s king is imperfect art of risk assessment. There tJ32

sitting after declarer’s queen, and your might be risks in opening up a suit which N

jack is sitting after dummy’s ten. The could be frozen, but alternatively if you sit t K 10 4 W E tA975


diamond suit is frozen. If you lead the two, back and wait, declarer’s side suit might

declarer can play low from his hand and turn out to be solid enough to allow him to tQ86

your partner has to play the king. Leading discard dummy’s losers in our suit.

38 English Bridge December 2010


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