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December 2016 English Bridge

payment as we are all volunteers

and do it for the love of the game.

I started a new course this year

and was told that, as I wasn't a

qualified teacher, books would cost

£25 rather than the previous £20,

plus increased postage charge. For

unqualified teachers who charge

pupils for lessons I can understand

the change. To impose a higher

charge on volunteer teachers seems

unfair. Ian R Leake

First of all very well done.

Anybody who introduces new

people to the game of bridge

clearly understands the social

benefits of the game particularly

to older people.

The national coursework books,

Book One Beginning Bridge and

Book Two Continuing Bridge are

hugely popular with our teachers

and students and to help them get

the best out of the resource we

provide teacher training courses

throughout the year at a variety of

regional venues.

Attendees of these courses are

signed up to EBTA (English Bridge

Teachers Association) free of

charge for one year. Thereafter this

subscription based service costs

just £17 a year.

EBTA is well worth joining

regardless of whether you have

been on a teacher training course

or not, it provides lots of resources,

teacher insurance and discounts

on coursework books.

Many teachers pass these

discounts on to their students -

others use them to help pay for the

recruitment of new players.

It is worth pointing out that all

teachers are independent

(although some are attached to

clubs) and their bridge tuition

charges range from the big London

clubs which may charge a

premium to many unsung heroes

such as yourself who teach for no

charge at all.

For the cost of one coursework

book you can subscribe to EBTA

and receive so many benefits to

help both you and your students.

Sue Maxwell

Education Manager, EBED


Referring to the article on the

EBU website, 'Lib Dem Leader

gives support to VAT-free bridge'.

Do I take it that competition fees

will only be 5/6 of the current

charge if the Union is successful?

Ron Davis

If VAT on entry fees was

removed then, yes, there would be

a reduction.

Jeremy Dhondy

Chairman, EBU

After many unpromising starts

We find ourselves bidding six hearts,

But missing the queen

Can so frequently mean

That the chance of it making departs.

David A De Saxe

In response to this one:

I started the evening with Eva,

A notorious under-achiever.

She got into trouble,

A penalty double.

Not a thing I could do except leave her.

Simon Cochemé

We received this one:

Today, I am writing this letter

To say that my bridge has got


Another chance, please -

I will practise my squeeze -

The kind you will never forgetta!

Eva Nowill

Well past her bedtime, at home

M/s Hobhouse slumped reading a pome

'They all think they are bards

But it's not clear what's worse,

Their Bridge or their verse,

But I wish they'd stick to their cards'.

Ed Blincoe

Defining shape is vexation

Counting is as bad

The Rule of Eleven doth puzzle me

And practice drives one mad.

Thomas J Paton

Oh, what a declarer was Lou!

She unblocked an ace at trick two.

Had twelve tricks on top

And North couldn't stop,

Thirteen with a Vienna Coup

Simon Cochemé

A rash of latecomers - that's it for the moment!

When you see the 'LB' sign in an

ad vert isement in the magazine, it

means that:

• The organisers of the holiday

have applied for, and received, a

licence from the EBU.

• They may choose to give Master

Points in accordance with EBU


• These Master Points will be

added to player records.

• The bridge will be played in line

with EBU regulations and byelaws,

thus affording all players

the protection of playing within

the jurisdiction of the EBU.

All county events advertised have

an EBU licence.

NOTE: Any events licensed by

another National Bridge Organisation

will not be able to have Master Points

credited to members' records save for

Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland,

Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and

Australia. The conversion of Green

Points to Gold Points will only happen

at English events, the BGB Gold Cup

and Home Internationals.



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