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December 2016 English Bridge

is a friendly league, with matches played in the players'

homes, and, except in division one, each team is only allowed

one expert. If this idea appeals to you, you might want to

think about raising a team for next year. You don't have to

represent a bridge club, although many teams do, and that is

the origin of the name of the league.

Hants and IoW

SUMMER meeting at Eastbourne: Senior Pairs A

finalist, Bob McRobert; B finalists, Mike Fithyan,

John Dakin. Mixed Pairs, 4th Lilian Lamont.

Northern Midweek Congress: Champ Pairs, 2nd

John Dakin. Surrey GP Swiss Teams: 2nd Steve Preston &

Dave Huggett. Cornwall Congress Swiss Teams: 1st Bob

McRobert. East Wales GP Swiss Teams: 1st Jeremy Dhondy.

Welsh Foursomes: 1st Jeremy Dhondy, 3rd Jeremy Baker &

Guy Lawrenson.

Diary dates: 11 Dec, Yuletide mini Swiss Teams. 8 Jan

Midwinter Swiss Teams. 22 Jan, seminar by Dave Huggett on

'Misusing Popular Conventions'. 29 Jan, Candlestick Swiss

Pairs. All at Romsey. 5-9 Dec, Chidwick Cup Sim Pairs at local

clubs. Entries via HIOW website or Steve Preston on 02380



CHRISTINE Barnes was elected to succeed Roy Milnes as

Chairman at the county AGM in September. Other officers

were re-elected: Dave Weller (Treasurer), Chris Chowney

(Secretary and Membership Secretary) and George Barrett

(County Captain).

One of the trophies presented at the AGM by Roy Milnes

was to Jane Russell for the No Fear Teams. (This is a

competition for improvers, also open to members of

surrounding counties). She is pictured with the rest of the

winning team Sally Pike, Andy Lowe and Esme Walker at The

Birches Bridge Club weekly Monday session. Full results of all

county competitions are on our website.

Diary dates: 8 Dec, Pairs League Round 3, 7pm, Ledbury;

12 Jan, Pairs League Round 4, 7pm, Ledbury; 20 Jan, Interclub

Teams Round 3, 7pm, Ledbury; 18 Feb, Club Teams of

Eight, 10.30am, Tarrington; 25 Feb, Championship Pairs,

10.30am, Tarrington.


CONGRATULATIONS to Srimath Agalawatte,

Barbara McKinnon, Jacqueline Snook and

David Collier winners of the Eastbourne

Sunday Open Teams. Well played to them all.

Congratulations to Stephen Jacobs, Derrick

Kime, Srimath Agalawatte, & Barbara McKinnon who were

2nd in the Herts and Essex GP Teams. Felixtowe GP Swiss

Teams. Great result for the team of Fiona & Paul Littlewood,

Julie & Steve Abley coming 1st in the Felixtowe Congress


Diary dates: 8 Jan, Humble Cup 1st Qualifinal, 12 noon,

Bridge Centre. 29 Jan, Championship Pairs Semifinal, 12

noon, Bridge Centre. 5 Feb, Humble Cup 2nd Qualifinal, 12

noon, Bridge Centre. 17 Feb, Cadet Pairs Final, 7.30pm Bridge

Centre. 10 Mar, Marjorie Lukyn Final, 7.30pm, Bridge Centre.

23 Mar, Hertfordshire Really Easty Pairs, 2pm, Bridge Centre.

Isle of Man

THE Manx Bridge Union hosted the 50th Isle

of Man Congress in early September. This

Golden event was well supported by many

stalwarts and a sprinkling of new faces and, of

course, a modest contingent of locals. Being

the 50th, there were some special features - some mementoes

of the event for all contestants and a celebratory cocktail party

with evil cocktails chosen by Chairman John Large and the

whole Congress was as friendly, competitive and enjoyable as


As is customary, the locals were good hosts and allowed

the visitors to take away most of the prizes. The Blue Riband

went to the winners of the Swiss Pairs - Martin Jones & Gavin

Mackay. Croz Croswell and Degsy Williams took second

place. The Swiss Teams Trophy went to Sue & Nick

Woodcock, Stuart Clarke & Bill Carr with Janet & Ted

Latham, Heather Hobson & Roy Garthwaite coming second.

The Mixed Pairs was won by Janet & Ted Latham; the Open

Pairs by Alan Aylott & Jon Ward. The best local performance

came from Paul De Weerd & Bernard Palmer who were a

commendable ninth in the Swiss Pairs.


CONGRATULATIONS to Stephen Brown and

Stuart McPhee, joint winners in the Surrey green

pointed Swiss Pairs, Keith Ashcroft and Michael

Collins were joint third. Congratulations too to

Helen Erichsen winner of the Great Northern

Swiss Pairs playing with Fiona Brown (Yorks)) and Bill

Charlwood who was in the team that won the Gerard

Faulkner Salver for the Seniors Knockout Teams.

57th Kent Congress: Swiss Pairs winners, Bill Charlwood &

John Chapman winners of the Invicta Cup. Allnut Trophy

(mixed pairs), Mike Rafferty & Liz Blande. Gentry Cup

(married pairs), Frances Connell & Steve Barnfield.

Puddleduck Plate (non-expert), Jonathan Wittmann & Nick

McCarthy. Swiss Teams winners, Dick Davey & Bill

Charlwood with John Hemington & Jon Chapman winners of

the Lukey Cup. Owl Cup (runners up), Gerald Soper & Terry

Goldsmith with Brian Ransley & Brian McGuire. Birkle Bowl

Herefordshire No Fear Teams winners (from L to R): Sally Pike,

Jane Russell, Andy Lowe and Esme Walker


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