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56 English Bridge December 2016

(non-expert,) Duncan Cox & Bob Fordham with Mark

Mortimer & David Keith. Congratulations to all.

The KCBA is delighted to announce that its former

treasurer, David Anning, has been honoured by the EBU with

a Dimmie Fleming Award in recognition of more than 20

years' service to bridge in Kent as Committee member,

Treasurer and Area Secretary. Sadly it will be presented

posthumously as David died a few days before the EBU's

approval came through.

Diary dates: 15 Jan, Fleming Femina (Ladies' Pairs) and

Hunter Homines (Men's Pairs), 11am, TWBC. 28 Jan, Corbett

League (County Teams of Eight): Div 3 Mitchell Salver, 11am

TWBC; 29 Jan and 19 Feb, Div 1 Corbett Cup and Div 2

Corbett Plate, 11am, TWBC. Larsky Cup heats held during

Jan and Feb, please see website for dates and venues. 25 Mar,

Larsky Cup Final, 11am, TWBC.


CONGRATULATIONS go to Bob Loveridge and

Helen Montgomery on winning the Cumbria and

Westmorland Swiss Pairs. Andrew Petrie and Bill

Alston were runners-up.

After all four rounds of the Northern Bridge League,

Lancashire A came third out of six teams, Lancashire B third

out of eight teams and Lancashire C second out of seven


In the Northern Mid-Week Congress, Jeff Smith and

Jackie Pye won the Swiss Pairs and John and Cath Ashworth

and Duncan and Diane Ault finished third in the Swiss Teams,

thus gaining first prize in the B stratified competition.

Congratulations also go to John Brearley and Ross Shine on

finishing third in the Great Northern Swiss Pairs.

Diary dates: 4 Dec, Lytham Rose Bowl, Lytham Bridge

Club; 5 Dec, LCBA Council Meeting, Bolton Bridge Club; 18

Dec, Santa Claus Pairs, Manchester Bridge Club; 28-30 Dec,

EBU Year End Congress, Blackpool; 7-8 Jan, MCBA Congress,

Victoria & Albert Hotel, Manchester; 15 Jan, Preston Blue

Pointed Swiss Teams, Preston Bridge Club; 22 Jan, LCBA

Butler Pairs, Lytham Bridge Club; 5 Feb, LCBA

Championship Pairs, Blackburn Bridge Club.



won the EBU's 'Young Pair of the Year Award'

with partner Sam Behrens of London.

The County Teams have played the opening

match in the Midlands League. Results are: 11 Sep v Oxford

(Home) - 1st Team Drew 10-10, 2nd Team Lost 5-15, 3rd

Team Won 12-8.

Diary dates: 11 Jan, Stanley Trophy Round 4, Glenfield. 12

Jan, Pairs League Round 1, Rothley. 15 Jan Midland League v

Staffs, Away. 25 Jan, Josephs Bowl Round 2, Blaby. 25 Jan,

Butterworth Langley Trophy Round 1, Blaby. 8 Feb, Stanley

Trophy Round 5, Glenfield. 8 Feb, Wilde Cup Non-Expert

Teams, County BC. 9 Feb, Pairs League Round 2, Rothley. 19

Feb, Midland League v Warks, Greenfields.


SCHOOLS Bridge in Lincolnshire has been developing well,

run by volunteer members from Louth and the recently reaffiliated

Alford Bridge Club. It now extends to three senior

schools in the county. Setting up in the Louth catchment area

was relatively easy thanks to the commitment of our


Bridge has to be taught without books to ensure it is fun

for young people who have been busy with books and formal

learning all day. The willing support of head teachers, and

other teachers, has also been an essential ingredient.

Horncastle Grammar School's after-school club, now in

its third year, remains a success story. Several original

members, who competed successfully in the National School

Bridge at Loughborough, have now gone to university

themselves. So recruitment is in progress with current

membership between 12 and 16. Players also compete at local

clubs, county competitions and charity bridge days.

Alford and Louth Grammar Schools are both now into

their second year with around eight regular attendees at

Alford and 12 to 28 at Louth. Last August some of these

students also went to the Loughborough junior teach-in.

Younger siblings of the existing bridge group, new to senior

school in September, are now joining and being introduced to

mini bridge.

We hope to run an inter school bridge competition in the

spring of 2017 supported by the County Association and

EBED. The County Association can also encourage junior

bridge by allowing youngsters to play for free in competitions.

Encouraging schools' bridge takes patience but is very



CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Robson for

becoming player of the year, jointly with his

partner Alexander Allfrey, after winning the

Harold Poster Cup at Eastbourne. Also to Alex

Hydes who won Crockfords Cup, with David Bakhshi & Mike

Bell runners-up, and to Brian McGuire & Mike Davis who

were winners of Crockfords Plate.

At Guernsey there were great results from Tim Gauld who

won the Swiss Pairs and Men's Pairs and came second in the

Multiple Teams lmbaentries@gmail.comer Elle. Elle Gauld was

also third in the Mixed Pairs with Angus Simpson, and

Dominic Flint & Pamela Reiss were second equal in the Swiss

Teams. At the Great Northern Swiss Pairs Heather Bakhshi &

Claire Robinson were fourth in a big field.

Diary dates: 22 Jan, Palmer Bayer Trophy. No Fear Pairs at

2.00pm at YCBC. 5 Feb, Ian Gardiner Trophy. London Teams

of Four qualifier, 11.30am, YCBC. All entries/enquiries to 25-26 Feb, Lederer Memorial

Alford's Queen Elizabeth Grammar School - new

bridge club session in progress


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