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overlooked - people rarely think of the

bridge sessions held in pubs or in punts. As

well as this, The Beer Card* (see page 65

online) offers an excellent opportunity to

gain free drinks from your partner (I have

won half a gallon of beer in an afternoon)

- if that's not an incentive to play I don't

know what is! Peter Banks, Oxford

Having never played bridge before I came

across the stall at Freshers' week. I wasn't

particularly enticed, but I'd been advised to

try everything. At the time I wasn't sure I'd

go to the taster session but thankfully I

did! A few months in and I was addicted;

what's better than meeting with friends in

the pub, having some food and drinks and

playing some cards? Two years later and I'm

representing the University in the Portland

Bowl. What a proud moment it was to come

second. Four people who would otherwise

never have met, coming together through a

mutual love of bridge, spending a weekend

in London doing what they do best.

In May I was at an assessment day for a

graduate job, and the presentation I gave

about bridge was the highlight; it was the

deciding factor in me being offered the job!

So a lifelong skill, a whole group of friends

and a job! Mitchell Dytham, Manchester

A friend taught me and some friends how

to play in my first year at university. It

turned out to be rather addictive. I then

went along to lessons run by the university

bridge club. They were free which was

fantastic! I now regularly play at my

university club and against other


I love the challenge, but it is not all

serious. I also play more relaxed games of

bridge at the pub. Bridge has been a great

way to meet people who I may not have

otherwise met. I have become friends with

many of these people, and I even met my

boyfriend while playing bridge.

I would recommend the university bridge

club to anyone who would like a challenge,

is looking for some fun and would like to

meet some really interesting and likeminded

people. Rosie Buckland, Oxford

I learnt to play before university and

have enjoyed playing here as it has allowed

me to meet like-minded people

It has provided a challenging way to

stretch myself beyond my academic studies,

and I always look forward to playing weekly

at the university society.

The social side is something that is often


February 2016 English Bridge

English Bridge Education and Development

hopes to encourage more young people to play

bridge, and wants to enable university clubs and

local bridge clubs to work together to help increase

participation at both clubs. If you would like to

develop university bridge in your area, or cultivate a

link between a university club and a local 'town'

club, contact" target="_blank" title="Visit">


February 2016 English Bridge EBED - Universities

Pancakes, graduate placements, friendships and

the Beer Card - the beneits of university bridge

More students discuss their love

affair with bridge, see online, page 65

UNIVERSITIES have always been a hotbed of

bridge, with many players - whether future

internationals or just 'social' players - learning to

play and developing their game. Participation is

lower than at its peak thirty or forty years ago, but

there are still active bridge clubs on UK campuses,

with many people discovering their love for the

game while at university.

We asked current and recent students to share

their experiences of university bridge, and tell us

why they believe it can still be a popular part of

modern student life.


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