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16 English Bridge April 2016

NEVENA S of Nottingham says she has heard

that I won an EBU award, and asks if it is true.

How nice of you to bring it up, Nevena. Modesty

would otherwise have prevented me from

mentioning it. Yes, it's true; at one time last year I

was playing in five national plate competitions at

the same time, and this earned me an EBU Dinner

Service Award.

Talking of competitions, have you heard that the

EBU are considering a new event, to be known as

the Brass Bowl? If you lose in the first round of the

Gold Cup, you can elect to play in the Silver Plate. If

you lose in the first round of the Silver Plate, you go

into the Brass Bowl. To get out of the Brass Bowl

you have to win a match. Every time you fail to

climb out of the bowl, you lose green points.

An event called the Bridge Olympiad was held in

the same year as the Olympics up to 2004. In 2008

Bridge combined with Chess, Go, and a couple of

other sports to form the World Mind Sports Games,

and the championships were held in Beijing, just

after the Paralympic Games, using some of the

Olympic facilities. It seemed that this might be the

first step towards the Mind Sports Olympics

becoming the third leg of every Olympic Games.

Alas, things have gone backwards since then. The

event is now bridge only; it hasn't reclaimed the

'Olympiad' name it sacrificed; and it doesn't happen

in the city, or even the country, hosting the Olympic

Games. This year the World Bridge Games, as they

are now known, are in September, in Poland.

Bridge is still, however, recognised as a sport by

the International Olympic Committee and, as a

result, players in major international events

undergo drug tests. Well, not the Seniors, of course;

they are popping so many pills that their samples

would probably cause the laboratory equipment to


I am told that the IOC has called on the World

Bridge Federation to ban relay bidding systems,

weak jump overcalls, and reverse attitude signals.

Such conventions are, the IOC says, contrary to the

Olympic spirit as embodied in its motto 'Citius,

Altius, Fortius' - 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'.

An interesting question, Nigel. I found about 20

entries for past greats, from Buller and Beasley,

through Markus and Reese, up to Schapiro and

Priday. Of our current English players, Tony

Forrester, Andrew Robson, Nicola Smith, Tom

Townsend and Brian & Nevena Senior (find one, get

one free) all have Wikipedia entries. I asked them if

they knew who had created the entries, and who

was updating them. They all said that (a) they didn't

know who was doing the work and (b) they didn't

even know they had Wikipedia entries. I can accept

(a) but I believe (b) may be liable to Law 70A,

Contested Claim.

Looking at the Wikipedia history logs, there is a

small group of unsung heroes responsible for

adding the information, the most hard-working of

whom are Jhall1, Newwhist and Macdonald-Ross.

Thanks, guys, whoever you are.

I believe that the EBU will not be mandating its

members to vote one way or the other. It estimates

that the deficit in the balance of trade will be

unaffected, with imports of Roman KeyCard

Blackwood, Italian Cue Bids, and the Polish Club

continuing to out-perform exports of the weak no

trump, four card majors and the Bath Coup.

The EBU is seeking clarification on whether the

proposed new benefits law will mean that

immigrants who join the EBU would have to be

denied their copy of English Bridge for four years.

Ask Simon by Simon Cochemé

Bridge with a Twist

Bridge with a Twist



NEVENA S of Nottingham says she has heard that

I won an EBU award, and asks if it is true.

EILEEN O of Bewdley, Worcs, asks why the Bridge

Olympiad isn't held any more.

NIGEL F of Cowes wants to know who writes the

bridge entries in Wikipedia.

Henry C of Shepherds Bush asks if the referendum

on Europe has implications for bridge.


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