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The opponents


accuse Julie of lying

‘OH, look who’s coming to the table, it’s could do but pass; however, he thought he

that pair who always call the Tournament would just check that he had understood

Director when I play against them,’ said Julie’s explanation correctly. Mike Swanson

John despairingly. ‘So it shows a seven-card diamond suit,’

‘But that applies to half the pairs in the he asked, at which stage John glanced

club,’ replied Julie with a twinkle in her down at the table and realised what he had mediately apologise to her for accusing

eye. ‘Just bid the suits you have got and try done. her of lying.’

not to revoke and they will have no cause ‘That is what it promises,’ replied Julie, East mumbled an apology and then

to call him.’ who was by now thoroughly enjoying the went back to the play of the hand. He took

situation, especially given the look of the ace of clubs and returned a club which

horror on John’s face. John won with the king. John now led his

E/W Game. Dealer East. John could see no alternative but to call diamond and rose with the ace in dummy;

´ Q32 out ‘Director!’at this stage. he then led a heart and successfully took

™ 2 When the Tournament Director arrived the finesse, after which he cashed the ace

t AQJ9763 John said, ‘I have accidentally pulled out of hearts throwing a spade from the

® 85 the wrong bid, can I change it?’ dummy. He then threw another spade on

´ A J 10 8 6 5 ´ K4 ‘I am afraid not; once your partner has the jack of hearts and was soon able to

™ 10 9 8 N ™ K7 called you may not change your call, even claim his nine tricks.


t 10 S t K854 though it is inadvertent.’ ‘Well done partner,’ said Julie, full of

® J92 ® A Q 10 7 6 East was now delighted to pass, as he smiles. ‘But how did you guess to finesse in

´ 97 thought that John and Julie were probably hearts, weren’t you risking going two

™ AQJ6543 in a daft contract, and so West led a small down?’

t 2 club and Julie tabled the dummy. ‘I thought that East would have played a

® K43 ‘Director!’ bellowed East and West in spade at trick two if he had held the ace-

unison when they saw Julie’s diamonds. king, so I thought that made it much more

‘Look at the dummy, Julie has lied to us,’ likely that he would have the king of

West North East South said East. hearts,’ replied John studiously.

Julie John ‘No, she hasn’t,’ observed the Director. ‘Bravo! Perhaps we should celebrate

1® 3t ‘You are only entitled to know what John’s elevation to play expert with a meal out on

All Pass bid promises, not what he holds. Julie was the fourteenth,’ suggested Julie.

quite correct in her explanation as she ‘No, I am playing with George that night,

Over 1® John decided, for reasons of his should bear no heed to the cards she holds perhaps we could do the fifteenth,’ replied

own, that it was best to make a pre- when answering your question; instead John, undoing all the good that had been

emptive 3™ bid rather than an inter- she should just examine the auction and done.

mediate jump overcall; unfortunately he tell you what her partnership agreement ‘Forget it,’ said Julie, shaking her head in

managed to leave the 3™ bid in the is. What is more, I think you should im- despair. r

bidding box and bid 3t instead without


‘What do you understand by your

partner’s bid?’ asked West.

‘It’s pre-emptive and promises at least a

seven-card suit,’ replied Julie knowing full

well that John didn’t have seven diamonds

in his hand.

After West had passed, Julie decided that, Free trial ´ Acol widely played

as she hadn’t a clue what John actually Special subscription rates for EBU members

held, she would pass too.

East was reluctant to let John play there Friendly & fun online club for all players

but he couldn’t really think what else he February 2011 English Bridge 11


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