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(Dawes League) 2nd place; 2nd team

Master Point Promotions Lancashire (Porter Cup) 4th place; 3rd team (Mark-

ham Trophy) 3rd place; Leicestershire is

3rd in the overall merit table.

Joy West Anita Miller Mrs R Hoddinott Margaret Hinton CONGRATULATIONS go Diary dates: Feb 9, Joseph’s Bowl /

Judy Wilkinson June Millership Nancy Horobin Mabel Kirkland to Andrew Petrie on win- Butterworth Trophy Qtr Finals, Blaby. Feb

Direct Keith Mitchell Jean Iles Joan Knaggs ning the Teams of Four at 23, Stanley Trophy Heat 5, Glenfield. Feb

Local Master Mr MA Morphett Mr R Iles Margaret Mccaig the Daventry Seniors Con- 28, Mar 1, 9 and 23, Gimson Trophy

Mr TE Hoftaniska Gary Nosworthy Mrs M Joseph Mrs B Mitchell gress playing with Patrick preliminary rounds (see LCBA website

Dorset Anne Owen Mr T Joseph Christine Newcombe Collins of Kent and Alan and Kath Nelson for details). March 12, Green Point Swiss

Local Master Mr M Perlmutter Rose Kennard Billie Newland of Manchester. Andrew and Patrick were Pairs, Rothley Centre. Mar 13, Green

also runners-up in the Pairs. Point Swiss teams, Rothley Centre. Mar

Mrs EJ Anscombe Terry Plume Mr G Knowles Dudley Nicholl

In the qualifying round of the Tolle- 20, Barkby Charity Swiss Teams, Rothley

Richard Cummins Ann Price Stevie Lambert Barbara Oates

mache Cup, Lancashire finished 3rd in Centre (note new venue). Mar 22, Leic-

Mrs B Desmier Mr C Priestman Bill Maddocks Kate Panton its group behind Kent and Manchester, ester Mercury (Learners) Pairs, Rothley

George Dodman Stephanie Pyne Beryl May Bill Pedder thus missing out on qualifying for the Centre. Mar 28, Barkby Charity Swiss

Hilary Drake Margaret Reed Louisa Mcintyre Sally Pool final. The team was Austin Barnes, Stuart Teams. Apr 13, Stanley Trophy Heat 6,

Ian Johnson Mr David Reynolds Wini Meikle Elizabeth Reid Norris, Nick and Sue Woodcock, Glenfield. Apr 13, Yates No Fear pairs,

Matt Lufti June Richards Mr G Moore Alan Rigby Catherine Draper, Andrew Woodcock, County Club.

Les Nuttall Patricia Roberts Farid Motamed Gillian Sale Andrew Petrie, Jeff Smith, Steve Haley

Alma Wayne Ms H Rosenberg Lorraine Motamed Jennifer Shelfer and Mike Nicholson.

Foundation Cup Swiss Teams: 1. John Lincolnshire

Valerie Woods Joan Roskilly Marguerite Naylor Martin Shuttlewood

Morrell, Marianne Farr, Mike Nicholson

Essex Colin Ryan Kathie Phillips Michael Tucker

and Des King. Lancashire Congress Swiss A BELATED Happy New

Local Master Colin Scofield Ms E Ritchie-Fallon Pam Turner

Pairs: 1 Austin Barnes – Stuart Norris. Year to you all.

Fiona Allison Terry Sewell Mrs E Robertson David Woods Lancashire Congress Swiss Teams: 1. Nick The Random Seeded

Shirley Argent Melvyn Shulton Mrs P Robinson Kathleen Wright and Sue Woodcock, Stuart Clarke and Teams on 24th October

Marion Baker Mr E Smith Mr G Sargent Isle Of Man Bill Carr. Lytham Rose Bowl: 1. Ian Kane – 2010 had a little hold-up

Eileen Beazley Friedgard Smith Mrs Janet Smith Local Master David Olliver. due to not everyone having entered.

Mr R Beazley Hazel Smith Mrs P Todhunter Michael English Diary dates: Feb 6, LCBA Champion- However, this was quickly sorted and

Chris Brown Mrs V Solomons Brian Weeks Diccen Sargent ship Pairs, Blackburn Bridge Club. Feb ten teams ended up taking part (with

Ann Charles Barbara Stafford Ann White Stephen Tooley 20, LCBA Teams of Eight, Bury Athen- one pair kindly volunteering to go

Mrs J Starkey Lorna White aeum. Mar 6, Hector Barker Pivot Teams, home). It is important to comply with

Anne Clements Kent

Southport Bridge Club. Mar 18-20, the rules on pre-entry. The winning

Michael Copsey Mrs P Straffon Mrs M Wickenden Local Master

Cumbria Congress, Windermere Hydro. team was Ron Wall, Brian Smith, Brigid

Shirley Dalman Janice Stranks Mr G Wickes Cynthia Allan

Terry Theobald

Hughes and Sylvia Bunton.

Mr B Derbyshire Herefordshire Mr W Andrews

Leicestershire The Mixed / Married Pairs in Novem-

Michael Dodd Maurice Tobias Local Master Miss C Ashcroft

ber was won by Drene and Alan Brown,

Henry Doze Mr K W Tuffs Lorena Blower Terry Atkinson with the Dean Trophy (married pairs)

Tony Dwiar Mike Turner Mike Cawley Ayesha Bano CONGRATULATIONS going to the runners-up Susan and

Mr A Elliston Monica Watters Ruth Gibbon Mr RW Bartlett and commiserations to David Archer.

Tom Flynn Michael Wildig Robin Harvey Heather Barton Nick Stevens, Duncan Although the bad weather had begun,

Viv Flynn Mr T Williams Mr S Jones Colin Bell Happer and Jim Mason, six teams managed to compete in the

Pat Forster David Wolfe Mrs S Thomas Mr EJ Berger (photo below), who were Lincoln Imp and Plate in November,

John French Gloucestershire Sarah Wenden Peter Boswell runners-up in the Gold Cup, losing in the although some had had to cancel.

Jackie Goodfellow Local Master Miss B Williams David Brant final to Simon Gillis, Gunnar Hallberg, Winners of the Imp Trophy were Alan

Sue Arnold

Zia Mahmood, Robert Sheehan, David and Drene Brown, Mike Perry and

Mrs D Greaves Hertfordshire Pat Burney-

Burn, and Fredrik Bjornlund (see page Maurice Ladlow. The Plate winners for

Anne Green Ms NJ Battell Local Master Cumming

17). the highest placed restricted team (below

Doug Green Nancy Charles Mrs VA Aldous Peter Carey After three rounds Wojtek Charemza – Tournament Master) were Adrian Under-

Gaye Harrop Edna Chaytor Peggy Arch Mrs J Cazalay Roman Gembicki lead the Stanley Trophy wood, Debbie Thomas, Linda Dobby

Miss L Harvey Ann Davies Ron Atkinson Mrs J Charlton (Butler Pairs). and Ted Guy.

Roger Hayward Mrs T Debertodano Clive Backham Mr R Cheshire Recent County Teams results: Nov 14 vs The Ghost Pairs on Sunday 5th

Nikki Headland Mrs D Evans Mr AC Blunden Jessica Cole Warwickshire: 1st team lost 4-16, 2nd December had to be cancelled due to the

Alison Hodges Linda Glover Graham Bond Eve Collins team lost 8-12, 3rd team won 15-5; Dec bad weather and has been moved to

Mrs J Holmes Michael Harris Liz Breakell Erica Dowse 12 vs Staffs & Shrops: 1st team won 16-4, February 20.

Tony Hopper Mrs M Hazell Jack Brooks Jane Eckersley 2nd team won 19-1, 3rd team won 19-1. Diary dates: Jan 30, Swiss Teams (Pre-

Mr DJ Hill

The current league positions are: 1st team entry essential). Feb 13, Bainton Final.

Philip Ibbotson Avril Catton Julian Ellis

Mr Alan Jones John Osborne Jack Catton Audrey Field

Tony Kass Mr DA Smith Mr K Chappell Mrs LM Gough

Veronica Kass Eric Turner Mrs S Cirket John Greensted

Mr Harry Keen Mr DK Wilson Jean Comben Jean Gregory

Mr J Kenneally Mr A Young Beryl Cunningham Sylvia Hayward

Lesley Kinsley Hants & IoW Katharine De Lacy Mrs M Hennigan

Alan Kitson Local Master Dorothy Doll Mrs J Heyburn

Mrs F Langridge Chris Amery Anne Dunn John Hickling

Bob Law Mrs C Barber Rita Earl Joan Holdom

Pennie Lipscomb Norma Barclay Anneke Evans Betty Holland

Kathleen Love Jo Blanchard Richard Evans Jean Hutchin

Mr A Lyndon Smith Mr MC Blandy Elizabeth Foster Jan Kane

Mrs J Lyndon-Smith Mrs J Bolwell Margaret Fredjohn Lorna Kerr

Mr G Macdonald Anne Butcher Dr J Frisby Mrs C Malone

Eve Mccarthy Mr C Cottrell Mick Gray Mrs B Marshall

Mr A Mcilwraith Mike Day Tess Greener Rick Mckeogh

Photo: Helena Cohen

Mrs R Mcilwraith Mary Dean Richard Hackett BR Muralidher

Terry Mclaughlin Bridget Evers David Hall Mrs M Fhinn

Nick Stevens, Duncan Happer and Jim Mason of Leicestershire,

Judith Mellor Marilyn Finlay Mr JC Harris Tony Nuttall

with team-mates Gary Watson and David Jones from Warwickshire,

Paul Meyer Philip Grasham John Hinton David Pallister

runners-up in the 2010 Gold Cup.

48 English Bridge February 2011


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