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What is your objective on this deal? I

would suggest you should be aiming for

the ace of spades, two diamond tricks and NIGHT OF THE STARS

a trump, or the ace of spades and three

diamond tricks. The diamond suit certain- ON Sunday 21st November Wimbledon Gary Jones, Jeremy Dhondy, Nick Sand-

ly isn’t frozen (see previous articles in this Bridge Club held its annual Charity qvist, Bob Rowlands, Peter

series) as there are no honours in dummy, Pairs Auction. This year the club is Lee, Peter Crouch,

and there may be some urgency because raising money for Help for Heroes, Tommy Garvey, David

declarer may well be able to discard a Macmillan Nurses, the Shooting Star Burn, club members

losing diamond on a black suit winner in Hospice for Children and Elizabeth Frances Hinden and

dummy. However, which diamond should Fitzroy Support, a smaller charity which Jeffrey Allerton, Ben

you play? provides practical, tailored support for Green, Simon Cope,

The answer is the two. Declarer might adults with learning and physical dis- Martin Garvey, Gunnar

misguess diamonds. He has Hand B: abilities. The total raised so far, thanks Hallberg, Janet De Botton,

to auctioneer Paul Mendelson and many Roland Wald, Marc Smith, Patrick

people’s generous support, is an incre- Jourdain, Victor Silverstone, Willie Coyle,

Hand B dible £17,000. Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Fredrik Bjornlund

´ 54 This amazing result is due in no small and, by popular demand,

™ AQ7643 part to the num ber and Gad Chadha.

t KJ calibre of the stars who If you want to

® Q74 will be freely giving play against this

their time to support glitzy array of top

the club’s wonder ful players on 24th Feb-

There is much excellent advice about not effort. ruary 2011, check first

underleading aces against a suit contract Playing at Wimble - whether places are still

but it mainly applies to the opening lead. don on 24th February, avail able by e-mail ing

It doesn’t apply when dummy is exposed in a glittering ‘Night of the Marietta@wimbledonbridge

and you are applying logic to this huge Stars’, will be the World’s No. 1, Fulvio

increase in information. In this deal you Fantoni, and England’s Superstar Andrew You can also do your

need at least two diamond tricks to give Robson – both once again bit for charity by buy-

you any hope, and the best prospect of two lending the evening spe- ing tickets for Andrew

diamond tricks comes from a low dia- cial cachet. They will Kambites’

mond now. be joined by some very

of the most illus - popular

trious players in the seminars,

It is rarely right to underlead an ace game today, including which will include

against a suit contract at trick one, Beijing gold medallists lunch and will take

but logical thinking often shows it is Nicola Smith, Heather place, as last year, on the

the correct play later in the hand, Dhondy, Sally Brock and Nevena Senior, Saturday and Sunday after

particularly for the defender sitting plus (in no particular order) David the Night of the Stars. For

after dummy when dummy is weak Gold, Andrew Kambites, Brian Senior, further info, visit www.

in the suit. r Colin Simpson, Daffyd Jones, Ed Scerri,


THE winner of our December competition, with ‘Partner’s response

completely floored me!’ is Barry Ransley of Chatteris, Cambs, who will re-

ceive a charming Victoriana bridge mug from our sponsors, Bridge and

Golf Gifts Direct (see advertisement on page 7). Other good captions

were: He will keep going down in clubs! (Anonymous); Watch out, he leads

with his right! (David Sherman, Leyton); Passed out? No, I'm sure someone

made a bid! (Peter Hill, Steeple Claydon); That’s the last time I go in for a

knockout competition! (Steve Mossey, by e-mail); and I tried the passive

approach but that did not work (W. Roberts, Thornton-Cleveleys).

The cartoon for our new competition is on the right. Please send your

bridgy captions (multiple entries accepted) to the Editor, English Bridge,

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR or by e-mail to not later

than 20th February 2011. Don’t forget to include your full postal address!

Sponsored by Bridge & Golf Gifts Direct (see advertisement on page 7) February 2011 English Bridge 41


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