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Keith Desserich

The DIPG Collaborative

10280 Chester Road


Ohio 45215


9th September 2014

Dear Keith

Thank you for the fantastic news that we have been awarded a grant of $95,325 for our work

on The Evolutionary Dynamics of DIPG. Your support will be fundamental to our project

aimed at more fully understanding the complexity of these tumours, and identifying new

opportunities for developing better treatments for children battling the disease. We are

particularly thrilled that the grant is partnered with Abbie's Army in the UK, as they have

been tremendously supportive of us in the past. We are excited to benefit from a close

relationship between our local supporters and the DIPG Collaborative family.

I can confirm that the study will begin within as soon as possible, and certainly within 6

months of the award date. This project has full Ethical Review Board approval (UK MREC

10/H0803/126). The results from this study will be made freely available to all interested

researchers, and will be submitted to a public data repository upon publication. All future

dissemination of outputs from this study will be fully acknowledged as supported by Abbie's

Army and the DIPG Collaborative. I confirm that as lead researcher you may contact me at

the above address at any time, and in particular in respect of progress reporting.

Thank you again for your kind support for our work. I believe that together we can make a

real difference to our shared fight against DIPG.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information.

Your sincerely

Chris Jones

Chris Jones PhD FRCPath

Leader, Glioma Team

Divisions of Molecular Pathology and Cancer Therapeutics

The Institute of Cancer Research

15 Cotswold Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5NG, UK

Tel: +44 (0)20 8722 4416 | Email:" target="_blank" title="Visit chris.jones">


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