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October 25, 2013

Keith Desserich

Chair, Board of Directors

The Cure Starts Now

10280 Chester Road

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Dear Mr. Desserich and Members of the Cure Starts Now Foundation

On behalf of my research team and the Children's National Medical Center, I would like to thank The

Cure Starts Now Foundation for awarding our proposal. I am delighted to accept the generous funds

of $99,979 from the Cure Starts Now Foundation, which will enable us to push forward with a novel

approach towards understanding the biology of pediatric DIPGs.

This funding will enable us to use our proteomics expertise to collaborate with DIPG experts at Hospital

for Sick Kids. I acknowledge that generated results will be used in a collaborative manner with other

institutions that can further the progress of DIPG research, inclusive of involvement by other

participating institutions in the DIPG Collaborative.

Our IRB and institutional approvals required to conduct these studies are already approved and our

study will begin within the 6 months of the award date. I confirm that in all future publications,

published data, presentations, web pages, blogs or other references to the grant and supporters, the

following parties are named as sponsors of the protocol: "The Cure Starts Now Foundation, Hope for

Caroline Foundation, Reflections of Grace Foundation, Soar with Grace Foundation, Abbie's Army

Charity Trust, Julian Boivin Courage for Cures Foundation, Smiles for Sophie Forever, Caroline's

Miracle Foundation, Love, Chloe Foundation, Benny's World Foundation, Pray Hope Believe

Foundation, Jeffrey Thomas Hayden Foundation and the DIPG Collaborative."

My sincere thanks to countless volunteers and DIPG Foot Soldiers whose countless efforts have made

this happen.

Best regards,

Javad Nazarian, PhD

Assistant Professor, Integrative Systems Biology

George Washington University

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Children's National Medical Center

Principal Investigator, Children's Research Institute (CRI),

Center for Genetic Medicine Research (CGMR)

202-476-6022 P

202-476-6014 F


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