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And slowly but surely our

support is rising. Last year, in

September, Britain Elects didn't give

us more than 7%. In September

2018, it was over 10%. Meanwhile,

a YouGov poll put us on 11% last

month. In the Council elections in

May we secured our best result in

15 years.

And our relentless campaigning on

Brexit is paying off too, a recent poll

indicated that 112 seats have

switched to supporting Remain.

Polls show Remain would now win

and amongst women, according to

one poll, by 12%. And support for a

final vote on the deal has rocketed

from around 20% to over 50%

Now of course it would be wrong to

claim all this has been achieved by

Lib Dem efforts alone, because it

hasn't, but as the only major party

united in our stance on the EU, we

have nonetheless been more than

instrumental in securing these

shifts in support.

And there is much we can do, and

have been doing, on the ground.

Lib Dem groups around the

country have been holding streets

stalls and the Lib Dem presence at

the march on the 20th October was


In party HQ, the largest push to

recruit new members and secure

donations, outside of a General

Election campaign, is well underway

and is reaping huge rewards. Tens

of thousands of people have joined

us to help stop Brexit.




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