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Number 39 SPRING 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: Chilled Up, SUSSLE Scores and CFA Inspires

Chilled sales update

Sales of chilled food continue to rise year-on-year despite (or perhaps

because of) our austere, belt-tightened times. Kantar Worldpanel,

which monitors consumer spending across 30,000 UK households,

reports an increase of 4.6% in money spent on retailed chilled

prepared food.

In 2012, total sales of all retail chilled prepared food

was £14.4bn. Even excluding retailed sandwiches, rolls,

baguettes and wraps, chilled food is currently worth

£10bn per annum. Kaarin Goodburn said: “Increasing

pressures on time and purses means that shoppers

continue to turn to the chilled sector for quick to prepare,

fresh and tasty food. Wraps, which are ideal for people

on the go, are up by 20%, and chilled ready meals enjoy

an increase of 7.2%. It’s gratifying to see the industry’s

high quality, competitively priced foods enjoying a staple

role in more fridges than ever.”

Opening the door on dialogue with fridge manufacturers

The temperature of domestic fridges is a long- before’ dates, and much of this is due to incorrect

standing concern to CFA. Correct chilling at home storage temperatures. The European Chilled Food

is crucial, both to maintain the quality of chilled Federation (ECFF), of which CFA is a Founder Member,

foods and reduce waste through food being spoiled. has now written to the European Committee of

According to WRAP, one of the largest contributions Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) on

to the 5.3 million tonnes of avoidable household this issue.

food and drink waste thrown away each year (in the Domestic fridges in France are required by a Decree

UK alone) comes from foods that require or benefit to have storage compartments able to maintain the

from refrigerated storage. WRAP’s research has correct chill temperature and that they carry visible

shown most of this is fresh fruit and bakery goods. and legible thermometers to show this. ECFF is seeking

255,000 tonnes of food are thrown away by UK to extend this requirement EU-wide. They also propose

consumers before even reaching ‘use by’ or ‘best the thermometer provision extends to the entire fridge.



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