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ere's a round-up of some of the wonderful things you

and our staff have been doing for your community.

Clothes for those most in need

Queensway Community Group launched a project to

provide interview clothes to those in need.

Ian Bulliment, one of our tenants who started the project

said: "Someone we gave a suit to now has a job, and says

without us, he wouldn't have been able to attend the


The project runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

between 4.00pm-5.00pm at Queensway Flats, Scunthorpe.

They're always on the lookout for more donations. Email to donate.

New cafe opens in Barton

A new breakfast cafe has opened at the Viking Centre in

Barton and is open on Thursdays between 10am - 1pm.

The menu has been designed to provide affordable options

to suit all ages. This includes kids meals, pensioner

specials or vegetarian options, all for under £5, including

a drink.

Any profit made will fund community activities to improve

the area.

Good deed feedGood deed feed

Liam's journey to work

Liam got involved with our Employment Support Team to

help him overcome the barriers he was facing to get a job.

He had no confidence and low self esteem when he met

the team. But after being involved in the project, his

communication skills improved massively. In March 2017

he began volunteering with the Growing & Learning Team.

With support from his Employment Support Coach he began

applying for jobs and in May this year and was over the

moon to find out he'd been successful in getting a job at

The Arc in Westcliff.

Find out more about the about how we could help you,


Have you done something great to help people or make your

area a better place to live? Get in touch, we'd love to share

your story


Breakfast in Barton

Liam loves his new role!


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