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SAFETYIn June 2017, following the Grenfell fire tragedy, we took

the decision to fit sprinklers in all our high rise flats. This

decision wasn't taken because our fire safety procedures

weren't up to standard; but so we could offer our tenants

extra reassurance.

Straight away we began the process, and work was

completed in May this year. All of our high rise flats now

have sprinklers fitted in every room.

Visit to check out our

fire safety procedures



It is important not to get distracted when cooking. It only

takes a moment for a hot pan or grill tray to catch fire.

• Do not leave pans unattended. Take them off the heat if

you have to leave the room

• Never leave a child unattended when cooking

• When you have finished cooking, make sure your oven is

turned off

• Do not cook when tired, or if you have had alcohol

• Keep the oven, hob and grill clean. A build up of fat and

grease can easily catch fire

• Never use water on a hot oil or chip pan fire

• Keep your microwave clean and do not put metal in it

• Keep electrical leads, tea towels and clothes away from

the cooker

• Turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use

If a pan catches fire, do not take risks -


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