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Welcome to your annual report special

edition of Key News.

Every year we produce an annual report which looks

back at our achievements over the last 12 months.

2017/18 was certainly a busy year and there are no

signs of slowing down this year either.

The annual report is a chance to reflect on what's

gone well for us, and where we can improve to give

our tenants an even better service. Highlights for me

this last year include seeing the work in Westcliff

really take shape, especially the opening of The Arc.

It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area, I can

personally recommend a bacon butty and coffee from

their brilliant cafe. All the new homes we're building is

also something I'm really proud of. Check out page 16

for more info.

The Grenfell fire tragedy was something that had an

impact on housing associations across the country last

year. It was incredibly important for us here at Ongo

to make sure we reassured our tenants, which was

why our Board were fully supportive in giving us the

go ahead to spend £800,000 installing sprinklers in all

our high rise flats. This was to offer our tenants living

there some extra reassurance and peace of mind.

We've also moved into our new office this year, it's

right in Scunthorpe town centre so is really accessible.

We're just a five minute walk from the bus station and

there's car parks close by.

It's been six months since I started my role as Chief

Exec and it's been both busy and brilliant at the same

time. Attending the Ongo Carnival is always one of my

favourite events of the year, you can see photos from

the day on pages 12-13, and it was great to see record

numbers of you attend. We're well underway with

our new Corporate Plan too and lots of you have been

involved and had your say on what's important to you.

Thanks for getting involved, and there'll be lots more

opportunities as we progress with it.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Key News; we'd love

to hear what you think. Drop our editor a line and let

them know if there's anything you'd like to see next

time (

Best wishes,



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