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5 things about me

• Favourite meal? Fish & chips

• Favourite subject at school? Music

• Favourite place to go on holiday? Anywhere on a cruise

• If you could have a superpower what would it be? Heal people

• Are you a dog or cat person? Dog

In each edition of Key News, we talk to a tenant

panel member to find out what they do for their

community, this time we talk to Avril.

"I moved into my Ongo home around seven years

ago. I was working as an International & UK Audit

Manager for the British Safety Council. I loved my

job as it enabled me to meet loads of new people

and travel all around the world to places in Africa,

Canada, North America and India (which was

my favourite).

"When I retired, I soon realised I missed working,

so when I received an email about becoming a

Tenant Board Member at Ongo, I applied

straight away.

"In 2012 I became an Ongo Homes Tenant Board

Member, helping to make important decisions.

I recently moved over to the Ongo Communities

board to help shape their direction, and get

involved with the amazing work they do.

"The best bit about being a Tenant Board Member

for me is being part of an organisation that makes

a difference, and truly listens to us. As tenants

we're all a part of Ongo, and can all make a

difference in our own way. This really came to

light during the recent Chief Exec recruitment

process which I, along with other tenants, was

involved in.

"To be a Board Member you don't need specific

qualifications, just knowledge and experience

to bring to the table and help us make the right

decisions. It's a big responsibility, and what we do

really matters.

"We'd love more tenants to be on the board, so I'd

definitely encourage anyone thinking about it to

seriously consider it."

To find out more about getting involved,

contact the Customer Engagement Team

01724 298678


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