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Up close

and personal

Tell us a fun fact about

yourself: I used to own a

business called Chocolate

Rain and Candy Canes

which hired out chocolate

fountains for large events

Are you a doer or a

thinker? I'm a doer, but I

think about it later!

What was the last song

that you listened to? One

Last Love Song - The

Beautiful South

Do you have any pets? A

Lhasa apso called Louis

(pronounced "Lou ee" very


What's your favourite

film? Bridget Jones' Diary

Favourite gadget? I'd love

a moley robotic kitchen

aid but i'll stick to my

Roomba (robotic hoover)

called Mo, after Mo Farrah


We speak to Annie Akande, Project

Manager here at Ongo. She's been the

brains behind our move to Ongo House,

but she also spills the beans about her

favourite Ongo memory, and her robotic

hoover called Mo!

How long have you worked for Ongo?

I started at Ongo as Project Manager

in 2013, having previously worked for

Lloyds Banking Group which was based

in Scunthorpe.

What does your job entail?

I've worked on many projects, such as

our Customer Management System,

and most recently I have managed the

move to our new HQ, Ongo House. This

involved choosing and procuring the

soft furnishings, managing the logistics

of staff moving in, as well as working

with our builders, Britcon. I've also

worked on the new GDPR (General Data

Protection Regulations) by ensuring we

remain compliant.

a word with...What do you love most about

your job?

The challenge and variety of my job

really keeps me on my toes, but I

enjoy it!

Of all the things you've seen at

Ongo, what's been your favourite


One of my favourite memories has

to be working at Ongo Carnival to

encourage people to 'go digital'.

The buzz of the day is brilliant,

and I can't wait for the next one in

August. I also helped to win funding

to install broadband at one of our

high-rise tower blocks, Market

Hill, which was then shortlisted for

a Tpas Digital Excellence award.

This funding meant that residents

could get together to hold computer

sessions with the help of a digital


What do you love about working

for Ongo?

I love the people. Staff are helpful and

friendly, it's hard to have a bad day as

there's always someone to help lift

you up. Coming to Ongo was the best

decision I've made.

What's the most challenging aspect of

the job?

Sometimes it's difficult to coordinate

everything and everyone together, and

it can be difficult to keep everyone

motivated and keep the momentum

going during particularly long projects,

but we get there.

Annie pictured left


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