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Being involved

- Steve's view

What does it really mean to be part of a Community Group

or Resident Association? We talk to Steve Sykes, Chair of

Warley Road Community Group.

"In 2013 I joined what was back then called Warley Road

Residents Association having helped out occasionally as

I knew some of the members. Finding it enjoyable to put

something back into the local community I joined the

committee later that year.

"The following year the existing Chairman resigned and

I was honoured to be asked to put myself forward for the

position by the remaining committee members. Knowing

how dedicated these people were and the potential to

achieve more, it was an easy decision to accept. We also

changed the name to make it more appealing to the wider

community, so since 2014 it's been my pleasure to be

Chairman of Warley Road Community Group.

"Since 2014 the WRCG, - which has grown from 6 to our

current 14 members, - has raised money through various

events, which has allowed us to hold annual free family

seaside bus trips, children's parties, and the donation of

presents to the elderly at Christmas, to name just a few.

"We have also helped to improve the area by holding annual

estate walkabouts attended by Ongo representatives, local

Councillors & council officials which has resulted in various

improvements in the area that range from lighting repairs,

drop kerbs for easier road crossings and major drainage

works on the playing field.

"We also invite local residents to our regular open meetings

to discuss with Ongo representatives, local Councillors & the

group regarding anything in our area.

"As Chairman my proudest moment was to see the group

receiving The Most Improved Community Group award at

the Ongo Community Awards Ceremony. All this could not

have been achieved without having a fantastic group of

volunteers who are willing to give their time to help the

community around them.

"I would encourage anyone to become part of a Community

Group, it's a great way to be involved in improving your

local area, meeting like minded volunteers & meeting

new people."


Halloween party

Customer Engagement


Thanks to your feedback, we've produced our new

Customer Engagement strategy for 2018-2021. The

strategy provides details on our future vision and key

objectives for customer engagement.

You can view it on our website at Engagement Team on 01724 298678

or email to find out

more about joining your local community group.


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