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ACT now

We're proud to support the Action Counters Terrorism

(ACT) campaign. The campaign, established by Counter

Terrorism Policing, encourages members of the public

to report suspicious behaviour and activity to help the

police tackle terrorism and save lives.

If you see or hear something unusual or suspicious, trust

your instincts and ACT by reporting it in confidence at If it's an emergency, always call 999.

A message from Safer


Unfortunately we have received lots of reports about

rogue traders operating in the area. They will often

look official, with branded vans and they'll be wearing

clothing with a company logo. Always ask to check for

I.D and do not open the door if you are not completely

sure who they are. Don't be afraid to call the company to

check they are genuine.

Intergenerational housing

Towards the end of 2017, Business Assurance Officer Emma Garland travelled to

America to embark on a four week research project to understand more about her

chosen topic: intergenerational housing.

She was lucky enough to have been awarded £5,000 from the Winston Churchill

Travelling Fellowship to fund her research project.

Intergenerational housing enables people of different ages to live side by side

as good neighbours, to share their talents and resources and interact and collaborate

within a safe living space.

Emma said; "I'm really passionate about the housing sector and wanted to learn about how

intergenerational housing projects work in America and to gain insight and learning to bring home to share with others.

"We have an ageing population in the UK so finding new ways to bring the older and younger generations together to live

within the same community is more important than ever."

Emma explored different intergenerational housing establishments across America, including a scheme where students

live alongside older residents, schemes where foster and adoptive families live alongside other people, and a 'Grandfamily'

scheme, which houses grandparents who have overall responsibility for their grandchildren.

She travelled from Chicago, to Cleveland, to Massachusetts and Illinois, then on to Ohio and South Bronx. With her

knowledge, Emma is hoping to share her experiences with other housing and health groups to explore the possibility of

establishing such a scheme in the UK. You can read Emma's blog at


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