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Following the tragic Grenfell Fire disaster last year, we've

been reviewing our fire safety measures.

One of the first things we did was to carry out immediate

checks on the cladding of our four high-rise blocks in

Scunthorpe. Tests confirmed that our cladding was NOT the

same as that used at Grenfell Tower, and having appointed

a consultant to carry out further checks, we know that the

materials used in the cladding are non-combustible and are

safe to remain.

We've been installing sprinkler

systems in our high-rise

blocks too, as a voluntary

precaution, as part of an

£800k investment.

Joyce Wright

We've also been working really closely with Humberside

Fire & Rescue, who have completed an audit in addition to

the regular fire safety assessments that we carry out.

Actions identified from this audit are being addressed

or are in the process of being addressed. We spoke to

tenants living in our high-rise blocks, who said:

I'm 100% impressed with the

sprinklers and the quick and easy

installation of them. I was unsure if

they would look ugly but they're

very discreet and I don't notice


There was minimum disruption in the

installation of the sprinklers, and if they

help to save lives then they're a great

addition. It's nice to think that there's

that extra level of safety.

Even if you don't live in a high-rise block, it's always a

good idea to have a fire escape plan in place, and to be

aware of fire prevention measures. Find out more at

Denise Whipham



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