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In each edition of Key News, we'll be talking to a tenant

panel member to give us an overview of what they do for

their community.

Ryan North, Chair of Queensway Community Group, talks

to us about how he overcame his anxiety to become Chair,

the group's plans for the future and how you can help, as

well as giving his thoughts on our new HQ.

Ryan said:

I've been involved with Queensway Community Group

for three years now. I was a bit nervous to join them

at first as I didn't really understand what they did, and I

have severe anxiety, which can mean I'm unable to leave

the house.

Before I came to Queensway, I was known as a vulnerable

adult and I felt unable to talk to anybody.

Tim and Ian, also members of the group, invited me to meet

with them at the Hub, based at Queensway flats. I found

it really relaxed, and as time went on I felt comfortable

enough to join them on a more regular basis, and

eventually joined the committee.

I began accompanying the group to Ongo meetings,

such as the Resident Association Networking Meeting,

where I met other tenants and was able to share my views.

I really enjoy working with the group, and talking to

members of the community to help to improve where we

live. I've been able to work on projects such as a Gardening

Project to help tackle social isolation, a Halloween party

which saw members of other communities come along, and

I enjoy working with other organisations such as councillors

to help tackle parking issues.

Being part of Queensway Community Group is great to

help improve the area where we live, but it's also helped

me personally. I'm now able to talk confidently to people,

I enjoy meeting new people, I go out with friends and my

girlfriend and I'm grateful to my peers from Queensway and

Ongo for helping me to develop.

In fact, I've been able to develop so much that I'm now Chair

of the group. I'd urge anybody thinking about

joining a local community group to do it.


TAKEOVERI think it's great to see Ongo developing and expanding in

new areas out of North Lincolnshire, and the new HQ looks

brilliant, and it'll be more accessible to people with it being

in the centre of Scunthorpe.

So little people understand what it means to have a voice,

but working with a Community Group and Ongo allows you

to have that voice.

I'm excited for what the future holds.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 01724 298678

or email to find out

more about joining your local community group.


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