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Tell us about the great

things you've been doing.

or write to

Key News Editor, Ongo, Meridian

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ere's a round-up of all the wonderful things tenants

and staff have been doing for the community.

Celebrating 50 years of Lincoln Court

Tenants living at Lincoln Court

celebrated 50 years since it opened with

a birthday party on Thursday 3 August.

Over 40 people attended the party

which took place in the lounge area

of Lincoln Court. There was a buffet

lunch, games and entertainment

throughout the afternoon which

everyone enjoyed.

Edna Moore, resident at Lincoln

Court, said:

I've had a really nice time at the event, there's

always something going on here to get involved in.

The atmosphere is definitely the best thing about living at

Lincoln Court, it's great.

Helen Wright, Support Services Manager at Ongo, said:

2017 is a milestone year for us here at Ongo. It's 10

years since we became a housing association, so it's

been great to be able to celebrate this big milestone year

for Lincoln Court too. We love organising events like these,

seeing everyone getting together to have a good time.

We're committed to reducing social isolation for our older

tenants, and putting on get togethers like this is a great way

to do that.

Carnival stall for

local charity

Staff sold donated books,

DVDs and CDs at one of our

Carnival stalls this year. All

money raised was donated

to Lindsey Lodge. Thank you

to everyone who donated

to such a great cause and

helped raised £110. We

delivered the rest of the

unsold books to the Lindsey

Lodge book shop in Ashby.

Take a look at the money raised so far for

charities in 2017.

£775 from Castle to

Coast to Castle

£110 Lindsey Lodge

book stall

£600 Employment Support

Lindsey Lodge fundraising

£320 donation to

the foodbanks

£87.10 to Marie Curie

(tea party)

£80 to Sue Ryder from

the Mascot Gold Cup

£52 to MIND

£350 to Lindsey Lodge from

staff survey donations11

£1,321 Pretty Muddy

Celebrating 50 years

Carnival Stall


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