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his time we talk to Dawn Hoyes, one

of our Support Officers. She talks

about why she enjoys supporting people

and the challenges her role brings.

You've been part of the Support

Team for nine years now, what's your

favourite thing about the job?

Since starting with Ongo back in 2008, I

would say my most favourite thing about

my job is knowing that I am helping

people achieve their goals.

The team has helped support over 1900

tenants over the past year. What sort of

help can you give to tenants?

The help we give can be quite varied

but includes helping with finances,

providing guidance and information

on tenancy related issues as well as

life skills. We help support our more

vulnerable tenants, helping them to

access services and helping them to be

more independent. We tailor our support

to meet our tenant's individual needs.

a word with...What are the top three traits a person

needs to have to be able to thrive in

your role?

I would say these are patience, a good

listening ear and being able to understand

other people's circumstances.

What do you think is the most challenging

part of being a Support Officer?

I think what I find the most challenging

about being a Support Officer is when

outcomes are not achieved due to either

tenants that might not engage or the

challenges we sometimes face with any

government changes which can affect the

most vulnerable.


Did you know?

We supported over 1,900 tenants in

2016/17 and helped tenants receive

over £1,458,564 in benefits they

were entitled to.

This information is from

our Annual Report

Up close

and personal

What can't you live without?

Biscuits - I love them.

If you could travel anywhere in

the world, where would it be?

Italy - for the food and wine.

What's your favourite film?

I like so many. My top ones would

have to be A Beautiful Mind,

Theory of Everything, PS I love

you, Harry Potter and obviously

the old classics Dirty Dancing and

Pretty Woman.


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