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Talented tenants

Take a look at how some of you have

helped support our #OngoGoGreen project

Separate your waste


alented tenants at Ashtree Close in

Belton helped create a sign for their local

Household Recycling Centre.

At our recent Neighbourhood Pride events

tenants created a sign made out of recyclable

items as part of the Waste Management Team at

North Lincolnshire Council's campaign.

They put their creative skills to the test

and made a sign that spelt out 'separate' to

encourage local residents to recycle rather than

putting all their rubbish in their general waste.

Gardening workshops


ardening workshops took place at the

Caistor Road estate in Barton as part

of a wider project to tidy up the area.

There were three workshops for tenants

to get involved in. Each one had a

different theme, with the aim of bringing

the community together, encouraging

tenants to take pride in their gardens

and an opportunity for tenants to learn

new skills.

The themes for the workshops were:

• Grow your own: learning how to

grow your own produce, including

fruit, vegetables and herbs

• Creating hanging baskets: a

workshop to learn which flowers

work well in hanging baskets and

how to display them to show off their

full potential

• Decorating pots: using recycled

materials to spruce up garden pots

and planters



Putting perfection


ur Estate Services team had a

number of recycling games at

their stall this year at the

Ongo Carnival.

The games included recycle golf,

litterpick frenzy and tin can

top shelf.

Well done to the talented Tyler

Strong, who was the overall

winner of all three games and

won himself a new skateboard.

Do you have a hidden talent

that you'd like to share?

Email the Editor at or

post on our Facebook & Twitter pages.

/OngoHomes @OngoUK


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