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Welcome to our Autumn/Winter

edition of Key News. We're

nine months through what has been

a busy year for us. It's been our 10th

anniversary, so we've been taking

a look back at what we've achieved

over the years and how things have

changed since 2007. We've also

been looking ahead to the future and

been building new homes, launching

commercial businesses and even

had our first shared ownership

homes for sale.

We've also seen some changes to the

way we do business. As we can't rely

on Government grants to build new homes, we've

had to look at other ways to bring money into the

business. This is why we've set up our commercial

services, so all the profit made from them can be

invested straight back into building homes and

improving local communities.

Something I'm really proud of is the way we work

to involve our tenants in lots of our big business

decisions. Our Community Voice group challenges

us and debates issues and make recommendations

on ways to improve the services we offer to our

customers. In the last 12 months we've seen

the group take charge of making all operational

decisions, which is a big change for us. You can

read more about the ways you can get involved on

Page 17.

Throughout this edition of Key News you'll see lots

of information about how we've performed over the

last 12 months; what we've done well and where

we can improve. This is all taken from our annual

report which you can look at in full online. Just visit

Finally, I'd like to say thank you for all your support

over the last 10 years and for helping us make Ongo

the organisation it is today. We truly couldn't have

done it without you. I would like to say a special

thank you to all our volunteers who give up so much

time to make the organisation better.

So, 2018 looks to be an exciting time for us, with

lots of new challenges on the way.

A message from

Jill Milner, Community

Voice member


o, what and who are Community Voice?

This is the question I asked myself three

years ago when I was invited to one of their

monthly meetings. And now I can tell you.

Community Voice (CV) is a voluntary group

of people who are tenants or leaseholders

and we, alongside staff from Ongo Homes,

meet monthly to discuss the policies that

make our homes and communities a safe,

clean and happy place to live.

We vote on operational policies and

influence change. We don't need any

qualifications other than the time and

desire to be a part of this decision making

team. We are also invited to various training

sessions and can become members of other panels.

I really enjoy being a part of this and have made

many new friends and learnt a lot about what is

happening with government policies and other

housing associations.

So why not talk to

someone from Ongo

Homes about joining

us and being a part of

our team.

It won't cost you

anything but you will

get a lot from it.

Andy Orrey, Chief>Got a story to share? Send your

ideas to the Editor by emailing

or writing to Ongo, Meridian House,

Normanby Road, Scunthorpe DN15 8QZ




Jill ®

Jill Milner


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