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Ongo events this month

Here's what we've been up to or planning in 2017

LGBT awareness


Our Equality & Diversity

Group are raising awareness

of LGBT this month, as

February marks 'LGBT

History Month'.

Find out more

We held a Christmas lunch for

over 30 of our tenants, to help

tackle social isolation over the

festive period.

Our staff organised the lunch

for tenants who will be

spending Christmas alone this


It took place at Lincoln Court,

in Scunthorpe on Thursday 22

December between 12-3pm.

Over 30 of our tenants attended

the afternoon of festive fun.

The lunch was part of our 'Ongo

25 days of Christmas', which

was a series of activities and

fundraisers to support our

tenants, local charities and

other good causes.

Linda Rutter, one of our tenants

that attended, said: "The

Christmas lunch was such a

lovely idea. I go to lots of the

events that take place at

Lincoln Court, it's great seeing

everyone come together.

"Moving to Lincoln Court was

the best thing I ever did, I'm

kept busy here and it keeps me


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Big Christmas lunch


Pride events

We have been holding

Neighbourhood Pride days

for over 2 years now, keep an

eye out for events coming to

your area in 2017!


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