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The Viking Centre, Barton

Youth Club

Held every Thursday between 5:30pm and

7:00pm for chidlren aged 8+, this gives

people a chance to come and chill out.

Youngsters can relax, enjoy a range of

activities, and play and socilaise with

others completely free of charge.

See a picture here

Weekly cafe

The Caistor Road Cafe is held every

Thursday between 10:00am and

1:00pm providing quality food and

drinks with nothing costing more

than £3.50.

Check out the menu here

Have a glimpse at an exclusive

discount code OngoVikingCentre

Winterton 2022

Credit Union

The group work in partnership with Hull

and East Yorkshire Credit Union to

promote affordable saving and borrowing.

Every Wednesday between 12:30-1:30,

one-to-one sessions are held to help you

manage your cash.

See the list of sessions here

Grangefield Residents Association

The local group improve community spirit

through a range of different events.

They hold a weekly coffee morning every

Tuesday between 9:30am and 11:30am at

the Wellbeing Hub, Sir John Mason


Have a look at their Facebook page" title="Visit"> Winterton2022 @Winterton2022

Something happening in your

community? We want to hear about it...

OngoHomes @OngoUK


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