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Community projects

with the Employment Support Team

A new gardening project has

been set up by the Employment

Support Team at Crosby

Employment and is becoming a

huge success in our local area.

The project, which was set up

earlier this year, is about using

a mix of gardening and

education as a new way of

engaging communities. It also

gives opportunities to local

people to learn new skills,

develop confidence and

improve their health and


So far, with the help of John

The Gardening Project

Cavill and Dwain Kreiner a

Crosby Employment volunteer,

the project has helped the

Market Hill area, 7KS School

and the Somerby Road

Allotments in Scunthorpe. The

project is also having a huge

impact on the Viking Resource

Centre, Barton where the

garden has had a huge revamp

and local children have been

able to plant vegetables, which

they'll use to grow and cook at

the Tea Time Club.

Chris Baker, Community

Investment Co-ordinator

commented "The Gardening

Project is a great way of

engaging with local people. It

not only helps to teach them

about growing food and

cooking it in a healthy way, but

it also shows them different

ways of maintaining their own

garden. This all ties in

perfectly with other projects

Ongo run.

"Having someone like John on

board is great for us. He ...

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