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Award Board

Equality & Diversity

We were announced as

winners at the

National Centre for

Diversity Awards

(NCFD) last month, in

the categories of the

EDI (Equality, Diversity

and Inclusion) Lead of

the Year, and Steering

Group of the Year.

But what does it all

mean? We asked Karen

Cowan, Head of

Customer Support

what this means for

Ongo and you as


"This nomination is a

reflection of all our

hard work to make

sure equality and

diversity is fully

considered and

embedded in all that we


"At Ongo, we believe

everyone has the right to

fair and equal treatment

and recognise that people

who use our services and

those that work for us

come from diverse


"This is why we encourage

all our staff to challenge

inappropriate behaviour

and through training such

as Dementia Friends and

cultural awareness events

we are creating a more

understanding workforce.

"It's not just our employees

we support in this way, our

tenant volunteers and

Board Members are

offered training and

encouraged to take part in

the events we hold.

"As a service provider, we

recognise we have a moral

and legal responsbility to

promote equal

opportunities, which is

why all of our services are

designed to be inclusive

and meet the needs of you,

our customers."

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