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Out of Hours service

The Out of Hours (OOH) service is for tenants to contact when you have an

emergency with your property. It operates from 6pm in an evening until 7am the

following morning on weekdays, and 24 hours on a Saturday and Sunday.

What work/repairs does the

service cover?

What doesn't the

service cover?

The service is for emergency repairs and for those issues that are causing damage

or harm to you or your property that cannot wait until the next working day.

How does the service


In a Nutshell...

More detail...


It is important that only genuine emergency repairs are reported through this service.

If you call and it isn't an emergency, and if we send a repair operative to your home

and it is something that could have waited or could have been contained, you may be


Recently, on average only of OOH

calls have been genuine emergency calls...20% ... Meaning calls have

been a misuse of the service.4 out of 5


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