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Working in partnership


Working with local teams is key in reducing ASB. A Housing Officer

was recently notified by Humberside Police that an individual was wanted for riding

a motorbike illegally.


The Officer spotted the individual taking their motorbike to one of our homes.


After investigations the Police were called, the individual arrested and the tenant received a

breach of tenancy for being responsible for visitors to the property and for illegal use of the home.

Help and support


A recent visit to a home by the Tenancy Enforcement Team was conducted. It became clear that the tenant had

allowed their home to fall into a high rate of disrepair, and they were extremely vulnerable.


Due to the condition of the home, Environmental Health and the Fire Service attended and condemned the property due to it

being unsafe and unfit to live in. The tenant initially refused to leave.


After extensive work by all parties, the tenant agreed to leave the home and was given respite accommodation to allow

essential improvement works to be carried out ready for their return.

Ensuring safety


Staff from the Tenancy Enforcement team visited a home where it was believed an organised

crime group was operating from. The group had moved on from the home, but a large

'zombie' knife was discovered.


The weapon was immediately taken to the local police station.


Removing the dangerous weapon keeps the homes, tenants and the community safer.

Ensuring safety

If you are having any

problems like the ones

above, get in touch with

your Housing Officer or

visit our website


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