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feedEvery day, our tenants and staff make a

real difference to their community. Here

are just three recent examples:

Four fundraisers

Four of our staff will be taking part in the Sahara Trek

Challenge to raise money for the Lincolnshire and

Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

The trek takes place between 28 September and 6 October,

and will see 25 people spend five days trekking 100km

through the largest desert in the world. The group

will have to endure very basic living and extremely tough

conditions for the whole trip.

Sarah Withers, Housing Officer, commented: "I want to

push myself and to complete a challenge which will take me

out of my comfort zone. The Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance

relies on donations to do the amazing work that they do,

and so we want to help them."

To donate, visit

Lindsey Lodge Hospice

memorial garden

We are working in partnership with Lindsey Lodge Hospice

and British Steel to design and create a memorial garden.

British Steel donated almost £25k for the project, and we

have been brought in to provide the design and materials

which our staff and volunteers will do free of charge.

The garden will give residents and their families a peaceful

outside space to enjoy, and will give bereaved families the

opportunity to remember loved ones.

Andy McFadden, Neighbourhood Services Team Leader,

said: "We were totally honoured to be asked to help with


"We know the amazing work Lindsey Lodge Hospice does,

and many of our staff have experienced it first-hand.

"It's great that we can give something back."

Sahara Trek team


Inspectors impact

Tenant Inspectors have helped to influence another positive

outcome in the local community.

The group carry out regular inspections on neighbourhoods,

green spaces, empty homes, high-rises and retirement

living schemes. They identify how effective a service is and

whether they need improving, ensuring that these services are

delivered in the best way.

A recent inspection highlighted some issues regarding antisocial

behaviour, possible homelessness and fly-tipping in the

Earls, Talbot and Beauchamp Walk area.

As a result, the Housing Officer

and a Police Community Support

Officer (PCSO) visited the

neighbourhoods to listen to

residents' concerns, and to put

improvement plans in place.

Brighter lighting has been

introduced and signs have

been fitted to help combat litter.

So far, this has proven successful.

If the group or to join

them, search 'Tenant Inspectors' on our website it email

Have you done something great to help or to make your area a better place to live?

We'd love to share your story! Get in touch at

Clean estate


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