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Meet Paige, Procurement Assistant and Ongo tenant. She recently

passed an Equality and Diversity assignment for college. Here's

what she has learnt, and what equality, diversity and inclusion

(EDI) means to her...

"Equality and diversity is such an important part of all our lives, and the two should be taken

very seriously and valued. Equality is making sure that everyone is treated with the same

respect and that everyone is given the exact same equal opportunities. Diversity is having

an environment that welcomes, recognises, promotes and respects a wide range of diverse

differences and characteristics.

"We have an EDI group meeting every three months that is open for anyone to join - tenants,

staff, board members. As an ambassador, I feel it's my job to help create a safe environment

for people and to make everyone feel welcomed.

"In these meetings, we always discuss a particular subject. For example, the last one

focused on gender reassignment where we had a transgender individual come in and

speak to us. It got everyone talking and opened our eyes to how people have to deal

with this on a daily basis. These types of workshops and meetings help you to give your

thoughts, and to broaden everybody's knowledge.

"I have certainly learnt a lot of people struggle and are discriminated against,

and I now know exactly how to spot it and how to report it. We can all help to

promote EDI and pass the positive message onto others in our everyday lives."

A day in the life of...

The most important thing I've

learnt is to celebrate that we

are not all the same. And you

know what? That's okay."

To find out more about the

group, check out or email


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