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Westcliff completion

The latest phase of the Westcliff precinct regeneration is

nearing completion.

Ten homes were completed in 2018 and people have already

moved into them, with the remaining 12 almost finished.

Some of the homes are built on the new road Hobart Avenue,

which is named after a Major General Percy Hobart who

coined the term 'Desert Rats'. The Desert Rat was a former

public house where this new road is.


New developments

Rent to Buy

Our first Rent to Buy homes will be ready to move in to by the

end of summer 2019.

The 14 homes, on Collum Avenue in the heart of Ashby, are

a mix of two-bed and three-bed houses that are suitable for

people looking to get on the property ladder.

Rent to Buy is a scheme that gives you the opportunity to be

a homeowner. You rent the home from us at around 20% less

than market rent, which allows you to save the remainder for

a deposit. At the end of five years, you have the option to buy

your home.

Find out more and register your interest at

Warwick Road dementia scheme

Preparation work on an innovative and new dementia care

scheme continues.

The development, which will comprise of 25 flats and

communal facilities, is on Warwick Road in Scunthorpe,

close to Queensway. It is expected to be completed by

summer 2020.

There are a couple of other development projects in the

Brumby area. Firstly, 34 new homes are being built on East

Common Lane and are also scheduled for completion by

summer 2020. These will be a range of one-bed flats, and two

and three-bed homes.

Furthermore, 16 one-bed flats are being built in the Holgate

Road and Pryme Road area. These are nearing completion.

Keep up-to-date with all of our plans

and builds by visiting

Warwick Road


Rent to Buy


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