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Welcomefrom Chief Exec Steve

It's been a year since I became Chief Exec, and I can

honestly say it's been the most fulfilling year of my

working life. I'm extremely proud of the work that our

teams are doing to help you stay up-to-date with your

rent as Universal Credit continues to be introduced,

and I know that you value this too.

We say hello to our new Communities Director, Kevin

Hornsby. Kevin will be a great addition to our team and

I know he's already enjoying his time here. Check out

page 17 to find out more about him.

I am also really pleased that we continue to build

new homes across our region. Although our recent

governance downgrade is disappointing, we

are already progressing work to streamline our

governance structures and to improve the way our

boards look at risks to the business. We hope this will

help us get back to a G1 rating as quickly as possible.

I know how important the environments around your

homes are and, after listening to your views, we

are increasing our resources in this area. We have

reshaped our departments into a new Neighbourhood

Services team to make sure all works which affect the

environment are brought together in one place. This

should help us to make our communities somewhere

to be proud of. Find out more on page 16.

Looking ahead, I am excited for the Ongo Carnival

that will take place on Wednesday 7 August. There

was a record turnout in 2018 and there are plenty of

great activities, stalls and information on offer this

year. Also, our annual Dine and Dance event will be on

Monday 16 December. Take a look at page 20 for more

on both events.

Finally, I know that you may have questions you would

like to ask me, so I will be taking to Facebook on

Wednesday 5 June at 2pm. I will be happy to answer

any questions about anything Ongo related. So, if

you're not busy, pop on to

on that day and ask away.

Speak soon,



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