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Access to fire risk assessments

and grass cutting updates

You can now check out fire risk assessments for highrise

and retirement living schemes online.

This allows you to see what is being done to reduce risks.

Go to and search 'fire risk assessments' to

have a look.

Also, for those living in our retirement living schemes,

you can now check when the grass was last cut. You can

also see when hedges were last trimmed, when weeds

were sprayed, and when leaves were collected. It shows

the schedule for future work too.

All this information is available at

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

(EDI) standards

The National Centre for Diversity (NCD) has updated its

standards for accreditation, now referring to FREDIE as

the overarching definition for EDI. FREDIE stands for:

Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and


We are recognised as investors and leaders in Diversity,

and we are wholeheartedly committed to each and every

aspect of FREDIE. We have a Steering Group, made up

of tenants and staff, that meet every three months to

champion and raise the profile of EDI in everything

we do.

If you would like to find

out more about the

group, check out page 13.

Completion celebration

An event was held in March to mark the completion of 50

new homes at Ivor Grove in Balby, a suburb of Doncaster.

There was a mix of new residents, our staff, the Mayor of

Doncaster, plus Doncaster Council and Homes England

staff in attendance.

Martin Phillips, Development Manager, said: "This was

a culmination of lots of hard work, and it was great to

see so many people there to celebrate the success of the


This is just one of the many developments we are

working on and have planned for the future.

Find out how many new homes we are aiming to build in

Kevin's section on page 17.

Smart heating trial

We are trialling a new product to help develop better,

smarter and cheaper heating in homes.

A group of 46 tenants are testing a smart heating device

which helps to control heating and energy use via an app

on a smart phone. The units were installed earlier this

year and will be in homes for two years.

Initial tests show that a saving of 15-20% can be made

on heating bills.

We are always on the lookout

for product testers, so keep

an eye on our website or on our

social media to find out

when we are recruiting



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