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In each edition, we talk to a tenant

volunteer to find out what they

do in their community. This time

we talk to Colin on how he first

became involved, what he's learnt,

and the opportunities available.

I moved into my Ongo home just over six

years ago. It never really crossed my mind to get

involved but, around three years ago, I got into a

discussion with Chief Exec Steve on Facebook. He

mentioned that my thoughts would be beneficial

for our main tenant group Community Voice.

I wasn't too sure at first but, the more I thought

about it, the more I realised that I do want to

make a difference and have a say. I was working

at the time, but not for one minute did I see

that as a barrier to making a difference to the

community, and to help influence and shape

the services provided to us tenants.

Since then I have become involved with

five groups - simply put, what we do matters.

We really can have such a huge impact.

For example, working on the Resident

Scrutiny Panel allows us to review a certain

area of Ongo, and then make recommendations

for change that are taken to Community Voice

level. Being a Tenant Inspector allows us to

make sure our estates and environment are ones

that are safe and that we can be proud to live in.

The opportunities are there for us to make the

most of.

We're looking for more people to get involved,

especially young people. It's all a learning

process and one that has come so far in a short

space of time, but you could help make it even


Get involved, make a difference,

and let's help shape our future.


takeoverAbout me...

If you could wish for anything that would come true,

what would it be? I'd love to win the Lottery, and to be able

to help my daughter (29) and son (32).

What is the social media platform that you use the most?

I use Facebook all the time and Twitter quite often too - I

love the immediacy of both.

If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what

would you say? Be at peace. Listen and accept one another

regardless of race, religion, age and everything else.

Equality is key.

Colin (right) deep in discussion at the

Tpas Regional Conference in February To find out more, email

customer.engagement@ or check out the

'Tenant Involvement' section

of our website

Colin Cranidge


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