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What is Tenancy


Tenancy First was introduced at the end of

last year. Developed in partnership with

Community Voice, it looks at:

• Paying your rent in advance

• Looking after your home

• Giving us first time access to carry out safety inspections

• Engaging with any necessary support

So what are some of these changes?

When contacting us for a non-emergency repair:

We will check your rent account to see if it is one week in

credit (as per your tenancy agreement), and if you are in rent

arrears or have other outstanding recharge debts. We will

also see if you are keeping to a repayment plan to clear these


The Customer Advisor will take a payment or make an

agreement with you, or they will pass you through to the

Income Collection Team. Once you have made a payment or

an agreement to pay, we will book the repair.

If you are a starter tenant (in the first year of

your tenancy:

Your tenancy will not be converted at the end of the 12

months probationary period unless there is a week's rent

credit on your rent account, there are no other outstanding

debts, and unless all other conditions of the tenancy are

being met.

If you fail to give our contractors access to carry out safety

inspections first time:

You will receive a breach letter (a warning that you are failing

to meet your tenancy conditions). If you fail to give access

first time the following year, you will receive a notice seeking

possession of your home. If it happens again, you will be

taken to court.

Also, if you contact us to book a repair while a safety

inspection is outstanding (because you haven't let us in), we

will not book any repairs until you do so.

New tenants who may be vulnerable and at risk of failing to

maintain a tenancy:

Our Tenancy Support Team will ensure that any necessary

support is put in place before or soon after the tenancy

starts. Some tenants will also be asked to enter into

a support agreement where taking up the support is a

condition of the tenancy.

We would like to say a big thank you to each

and every single one of you who do keep to the

above conditions, and for the majority who

are ahead with their rent. All of the above

initiatives are to keep you and your homes

safe, and to help you sustain your tenancy.

Look after your wheelie bin

Last year, North Lincolnshire Council made the

decision to start charging householders for any

replacement refuse and recycling bins.

The cost of the full set of refuse and recycling bins is

£65. However, they have advised us that they have a

limited number of pre-used bins available at £5 each.

If you lose or

damage your bin

and need a


you can fill in an

online form at

or ring

01724 297000.

If you need support with any

of the above, then we are here

to help. Visit

for more information


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