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Neighbourhood pride

In each edition, we talk to a tenant

volunteer to find out what they do in

their community. This time we talk to

Simon who is the Chair of the Queensway

Community Group, a member of

Community Voice, and part of our pool of

Tenant Testers.

I was living in supported accommodation for a year

before I got my home at Queensway. I already knew of

and did some work in the community before through a

friend. As soon as I moved in last year though, I wanted to

step up and do even more.

A lot of amazing work has already taken place in the last

year such as bollards being put in to stop people parking on

the grass right next to the flats. It was very humbling to be

voted in as the Chair of our community group earlier this

year. Everybody has pulled together to achieve great things

like the new washers and dryers being installed, and the

neighbourhood pride day in September.

We have a big say in what happens in our community and

we can make a real difference. You can feel the community

spirit of everybody getting involved, and we're all

pulling towards the same aim of making our futures,

communities and the services provided to us the

very best they can be.

My communication, confidence and connections I've made

has significantly improved as a result of being part of the

three different groups - so much so that I have recently

secured a part-time job. I don't think this would have been

possible without everything I've learnt from my work in the

community. It really has helped to change my life around in

the last two years.

I'm only 25 but the mix of younger and older generations,

the learning from each other, the friends you make along

the way - it's inspiring. It's also the feeling part of making a

difference, and the satisfaction of improving not just yours

but other tenants' lives.

That's what makes it all worthwhile.

About me...

What are your major goals in life? To always give

something back to my community, to my family, and


What country do you most want to travel to? America.

I've already been as a child, teenager, and an adult, but

it's a different experience each time and there's so much

to explore.

Who is the most famous person you've met? Brian May

from the band Queen. It was back in 2013 when I went

to a show in London, and his wife was an actress in

the production. I managed to speak to him and get an

autograph for my Mum - it's something I'll never forget.

To find out more, email or check

out the 'Tenant Involvement'

section of our website





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