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New home


A fresh start

"I just can't believe how perfect it is - I

have my life back."

Kelly, 36, is a full-time wheelchair user. She had been living

in a private rented property with her 15 year-old autistic son

Alfie. She was registered as disabled last year following a

serious health issue, and it left her 'basically existing within

the living room' of her previous home.

Something needed to change. And it did.

She saw the two-bed adapted home on the Home Choice

Lincs website, and she 'knew straight away that it was

exactly what was needed'. After registering her interest, she

soon found out that she had got the home.

"I cried with happiness when I got the news. It still makes

me emotional to think about it now, and it's still not properly

sunk in yet."

The wheelchair-accessible bungalow has features such as

a wet room, a shower chair, grab rails, wider doors, and a

garden that Kelly and her son can get to from the bedrooms

and living room.

"I couldn't have asked for it to be any more suitable and

ideal for our needs - it's above and beyond what I ever

thought we would be able to get. It's helped to give me my

independence back."

Kelly is particularly thankful of the support that she

received along the way.

"The whole process, from first expressing an interest to

getting the keys, was faultless. I've had lots of support but

Grace (Lettings Officer) was particularly brilliant - she was

so supportive, helpful and understanding.

"It's all been so overwhelming and humbling, and I'm so

grateful for all the help that I've had along the way."

Description 2018/19 Target

Number of units started on site

Number of units complete

Amount of empty new builds

Percentage of new build rent loss











No target



Could she have imagined, a few months ago, that all of this

would happen?

"Not at all! Everything has gone so quick - I still can't believe

it's all happened.

"No longer do we have to struggle, no more do we need to

worry, no further do we feel our lives are on hold. I'm so

excited for what the future may bring."

She also has a wider, important message about social


"I think many people take social housing for granted. I

come from London and I always thought that there wasn't

much affordable and supported housing like this there. Not

everybody realises how vital it is - I don't know where I'd be

without it in my case."

"The rest of our lives

begin now."


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