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If there is a fire, don't take any risks.

Get out, stay out and call 999.

Fire safety


We want to ensure that you are safe in your

home, and that you know what to do to avoid

any fire-related risks.

Here's ten top tips:

1. Always plan your

escape route

It's important to know how

you would escape safely.


Never use disposable barbecues or

fire pits on a balcony. If using one in a

garden or outside, ensure that it has

been fully extinguished before leaving it

unattended. Do not place in your waste

bin. Earlier this year, a tenant used a

barbecue on a balcony which caused

serious fire damage.

3.Be safety conscious

For example, don't leave your

washing machine or tumble dryer

running while you go out. Also,

don't remove internal doors and

close all doors when you go to

bed. Closed internal doors can

prevent fire spreading for up to

two hours. 4.Candles

Don't leave a candle

unattended and don't

light them near to soft


5.Check your

smoke and

carbon monoxide


Press the test button

until the alarm begins

to sound. Don't tamper

with smoke, heat

detectors or sounders if

they are in your home as

this may cause them to

not work when required.

6. Communal areas

Don't leave anything in a

communal area - it creates a

fire risk and also poses a trip

hazard during evacuation.

Emergency exits should be

kept clear and unobstructed

at all times.

7. Cooking

Always use a deep fat fryer rather

than a chip pan and make sure

that they are kept clean. Never

cook while under the influence of

alcohol. Do not leave pots and pans

unattended whilst cooking.

8. Electrical safety

Never overload sockets or leave

electrical appliances unattended.

Leaving electrical items running

when you are not at home increases

the risk of a fire starting.

9. Furniture

Buy furnishings that are 'fire safe' and

that comply with the Furniture and

Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations

1988. You can tell if your furniture is

safe by looking for the 'permanent'

label, which should be stitched

somewhere out of sight.

Dispose of unwanted furniture safely.

North Lincolnshire Council offer one

free collection of up to three bulky

items per year.

Do not burn unwanted furniture. Two

homes were badly fire damaged earlier

this year due to a tenant attempting to

burn an unwanted sofa in their garden.

10. Smoking

Smoke outside your home and

make sure that a cigarette is fully

extinguished. For example, use water

to put them out. Always keep matches

out of reach of children.

Find out further

information at


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