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Job clubs

Three weekly drop-in sessions are currently available to any

person who would like support with getting into work.

These job clubs allow people to get help with improving

their CV, to access training opportunities, and to search

for jobs.

The sessions are as follows:

For further help, visit


Community events

Following a request from the local

community group Grangefield Committee,

a neighbourhood pride day recently took

place in Winterton.

The afternoon involved painting a number

of fences, a tombola, football and some

educational games. The community group

provided refreshments, and 10 of our staff

gave their help and support.

Around 25 people visited during the day to

get involved, chat to staff and find out

about upcoming events.

A couple of weeks later, the group also held a teddy

bear picnic with food, drinks and fun all on offer for the

community to enjoy. Ongo Bear went along and had a

great time too!

Would you like to be kept up-to-date with

what's happening where you live?


or check out our social media pages.

100 years of social housing

2019 marks 100 years since the Addison Act was passed,

which opened the door to council and social housing.

To celebrate the milestone, our Housing Officers Nicola

and Scott visited our 100-year-old homes to deliver flowers

and chat to tenants. There are 15 in total on Chapel Lane,

Keadby, along with Smith Street and Sheffield Street

in Scunthorpe.

Scott said: "Council houses and housing associations have

changed and developed so much since 1919, but the reason

we're here will always be to provide quality housing to those

who need it, and I'm very proud of that."

Margaret Drewery, 77, who is an Ongo tenant said: "I've

never lived anywhere else and I've seen huge changes over

the years.

"It's a lovely idea to celebrate with tenants."

100 years of

social housing

In the spotlight

When? Where? What time?

Wednesday The Viking Resource

Centre (Fairfield Drive,


1pm - 3pm

Thursday Ongo Communities

(Cole Street,


9.30am - 11am

Thursday The Arc (Lichfield

Avenue, Scunthorpe)

9am - 12 noon

Teddy bear picnic


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