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Rent arrears are at their lowest ever level. This is due to those who have been ahead with their rent, and the great collaborative

work of departments such as our Income Collection, Customer Service and Support teams.

Check out a great example of this

partnership work

One of our tenants fell into rent arrears when their Housing

Benefit payment wasn't made to us. We had received no

correspondence from Housing Benefit regarding the missing

payment. The tenant's rent account showed high arrears so

Jo, one of our Income Collection Officers, had no choice but

to serve a Notice of Seeking Possession (NOSP).

Jo worked with the tenant and asked them to pay a certain

amount back each week to clear their rent account. However,

the tenant said they couldn't afford these payments.

Jo looked into it further and completed an Income and

Expenditure form to understand their financial situation.

With the support of Chris from our Benefits Advice Team,

they realised the tenant hadn't been claiming the correct

benefits for a long time.

Chris advised the tenant that they could claim full Housing

Benefit as their daughter was still in full-time education.

It was arranged that the money that they hadn't previously

been receiving would be paid. This will have automatically

wiped out or significantly reduced a Council Tax debt too.

Now, the tenant's rent account is being paid fully in advance

in line with their tenancy agreement. They said: "I am over

the moon that it is sorted, and I'm extremely happy with the

service I received."

Description 2018/19 Target

Income collected as a percentage of the rent debit (social rents)

Number of arrears related evictions

Current tenant arrears as a percentage of the debit








No target



When contacting us, you may have been asked to speak

to our Income team if your rent account is not currently in

advance by your payment frequency (so, if it is paid weekly

and you are not one week in credit).

This is part of our Tenancy First approach which aims to

bring everyone in line with the conditions of your tenancy

agreement. Your agreement states that rent is due payable

in advance so, to ensure fairness and consistency, we apply

this to all tenants regardless of your payment method or if

you receive Housing Benefit. We take everyone's individual

circumstances into account and are happy to make

affordable agreements with you to allow this to happen


Universal Credit is well underway to being brought in. This

increases the risk of tenants being in arrears which could

significantly risk our ability to invest in communities and

provide services.

Therefore, we want to put you in the most stable and secure

position by helping you get into credit in line with your

payment frequency.

4 Chris & Jo

A fair and consistent approach

for all

Need some help and support?

Get in touch at or through our Facebook and

Twitter pages.


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