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Over the last couple of months, there have been many

examples of where your feedback has been used to make

improvements to communities and services. Here are just

a few:

Age restrictions

The last edition of Key News mentioned that consultation

had taken place on the age restrictions in place at high and

low-rise flats, and age-designated bungalows.

The online survey and face-to-face event saw nearly

1,700 responses. 61% said these restrictions were unfair

and should no longer remain. All the findings were then

presented to Community Voice to vote on whether they would

remain or be removed.

The group, which is open for any tenant and leaseholder and

which has the majority vote on all customer-facing matters,

voted to remove the age restrictions. This now means any

over 18's will be able to apply for these homes.

There were a number of concerns raised about this change,

so we held an event for tenants living in high-rise flats to

answer their questions and allay any fears.

Two follow-up sessions, one at Market Hill and one at The Arc

for those living at Trent View House, will take place at the

beginning of December to update tenants on the progress

with this change. A letter will be sent in the next few weeks

with a confirmed date and time for both.

If you would like to have a say on such matters, then we have

a number of different ways to get involved. Find out more by

checking out the 'Tenant Involvement' section of our website.

You said, we did

Maintenance plan

A new three to five year plan is currently

being devised for our Maintenance

(repairs and empty homes) service.

Our Maintenance Panel, made up of

tenants and staff, were asked at their

last two meetings 'What would an

excellent Maintenance service look like

in five years time?'

Common ideas that have been raised so

far are looking at the current timescales

of repairs, being more proactive than

reactive, contractors, making the service

more consistent, and maintaining homes

and neighbourhoods.

Tenants will continue to have the

opportunity to give feedback and ideas

throughout the process. For example,

we will be holding a competition in the

next month where you can have your say.

Check out page 21 for further details.

Queensway improvements

Following great work by the Queensway Community

Group, new washers and dryers have been installed in

their community hub.

A number of residents had voiced their issues with the

older machines, and so plans were put in place to bring in

newer, improved units.

Check out a tweet from Tim Mills, who is involved with

the group, to see what he thinks:

A neighbourhood pride day was also held in the

community at the end of September. A number of

tenants and staff helped with improvement work such as

painting, tidying shrubs, edging paths, and removing ivy.




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