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supportAlthough the last six months have had a financial impact on

many people, we've been able to support you.

Check out just one example with

Lucy's story…:

A couple of years ago, it appeared that she had it all. She was

engaged, she was due her first child, and her full-time job

meant she was financially comfortable.

However, that all quickly changed. Her partner left, she

couldn't maintain her three-bed house and, though she got

another home with us and gave birth to her son Chester, the

difficulties continued. She fell seriously ill, almost losing her

life three times, and Chester was diagnosed with a hole in

his heart.

Soon, Lucy fell into rent arrears and bailiffs turned up at her

home for other debts. Completely overwhelmed and under

intense pressure, she decided to go to The Arc to see what help

was available.

That was where things started to drastically improve.

She had a meeting with Chris, one of our Benefit Advice

Officers, before having a visit from Sunita in our Support team.

Before long, she helped Lucy to access funding to clear her

previous debts and to get appliances such as a cooker and

washing machine.

Not only that but, after a successful application to the Vicars

Relief Fund, Lucy's rent arrears were cleared and she is now

fully in credit.

She said: "I can't begin to explain how much of a difference

all the support has had on me and Chester. Everyone has been

so nice - nobody ever once judged me and the situation I was

in. Sunita has been like a guardian angel to me, and she's still

going above and beyond to help me now.

"Because of caring for my son, I didn't used to get out much.

However, I was encouraged to attend tea-time club at The Arc

Description 2019/20

Current rent arrears as a percentage of the debit

Former tenant arrears as a percentage of the debit

Percentage of tenants successfully completing their probationary

tenancy and converting to an Assured Shorthold tenancy









which I loved, and people in the neighbourhood have

been very kind too offering to get shopping and other


"Sunita and Danielle, from the Income team, have not

only helped to sort my past and present, but they've

supported me in terms of my future too. Earlier in

October I started a Social Sciences undergraduate

degree, and it's been great so far.

"Everything has completely changed for the better.

Without the help and support, we wouldn't be in the

positive place that we're in now."

We are here to help and support you. Get in

touch at or through our Facebook

and Twitter pages.

Our Support team are

here to help

3,210 tenants were

supported in 2019/20

- an increase from 3,082

in 2018/19.


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