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This looks at how we can fulfil our aim to ensure that our landlord service meets and exceeds our customer expectations.

Over the next three years this strategy will move us from being a good, to a great landlord.

We'll know we've succeeded when:

Involving more customers in decision-making

Providing excellent services to our customers

Running an efficient landlord service

Customer satisfaction for listening and acting on

customers' views is upper quartile (min. 80%)

Customer satisfaction for enquiries being

dealt with first time is 95%

75% of our enquiries are digital

Satisfaction with the landlord service is upper

quartile (min. 90%)

The average days to let a property is 28 days

Current rent arrears do not exceed £750K

Where we

are now...

We currently have a housing stock

of 10,000 properties. The majority

are in North Lincolnshire but we also

have properties in Lincolnshire, South

Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. We

provide homes for around 25,000 people.

We have a number of

ways for our customers

to get involved in helping

us to improve our

services. Our recognised

tenant body, Community

Voice, is an integral

part of our governance

structure and approves

all our customer-facing


We have an

excellent track

record in delivering

customer service.

We are working hard to improve

our digital offer and have a

number of online digital options

for tenants and customers

to use.

Our 'Rent First'

culture, together with

our excellent benefit

and money advice

services, have led

to our top quartile

performance on

current tenant rent

arrears at a time of

customer migration

from Housing Benefit

to Universal Credit.

Where we want to get to...

Be a great landlord


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