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Neighbourhoods and communities

After some virtual meetings, our Tenant Inspectors group began to start green-space and estate inspections again from

last month.

The group normally do inspections on neighbourhoods, homes and services to

help ensure any issues are raised, and that improvements are made. A safe system

of working has been developed and a risk assessment updated to allow the

outdoor inspections to recommence.

Lettings Policy

We are currently reviewing this policy, and we will soon be

sharing a draft of it along with a survey on our website and

on social media. This is to ensure we get your views to help

us make our policy just right.

All the feedback from tenants, staff and the agencies we

work with will be used to finalise our Lettings Policy. It will

then be presented to our main tenant group, Community

Voice, who will either approve or vote against the updated


Keep up-to-date at and on our social media


We've been engaging with you in different and digitalised ways over the last six months, meaning you've still been able to

influence and improve many of our services.

Whether you want to add to your CV, help influence yours

and fellow tenants' lives, learn new skills, meet new people

or just simply have your say, there's many ways in which you

can do so at a level and time that suits you.

Head to to find out more,

including our updated Customer Engagement handbook.

Younger tenant representation

In the last edition, we mentioned that we would be texting

tenants aged 30 and under monthly with some questions to

further involve them.

We sent out our first text survey last month. This focused on

Key News and what our younger tenants currently thought

about the magazine - we got a lot of great responses and


These included having a regular feature on opportunities

and support for young people in the local community, more

competitions, and further promotion of local activities and


All the suggestions have been collected, and will be included

in an action plan for future editions.

If you are aged 30 and under and would like further

information, email our team on

Kath Tuck, a new member, said:

"I've loved being able to start these inspections, and to start learning from

more experienced members of the group. It's nice to go out and make sure our

communities are the best that they can be."


Inspectors impact


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